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There are numerous edible plants growing in the Finnish nature – needless to say, many of these also offer culinary possibilities, since they truly taste wonderful, and are also tremendously healthy. The most familiar ones are probably the nettle and the dandelion, but there are many more edible plants out there. 

The Nuuksio National Park and its dense forests will offer the perfect setting for this outdoor expedition. There are numerous paths crisscrossing the forest and the National Park has a vast variety of plants growing around the area. 

It is very important to only pick up plants which You will be able to identify fully, and hence during this outdoor walk we examine and forage the Finnish wild herbs and learn how to spot and identify them. The trek will be lead by a trained wild herb guide, who will advise on how to use the herbs in cuisine and dry them properly. Of course there will also be tasting samples of the edible plants available. 

In addition to the foraging trip, a lesson will be conducted, concentrating in the wellness effects of the edible wild plants. They truly are the nature’s own superfood! We fondly recommend this trip to everyone interested in the green cuisine - an optimal alternative for a shore excursion! 

Starting point: Nuuksio Hawk Nest recreational centrer, Espoo

Duration: 2 h

Availability: May-September

Participants: 10-50 persons

Guide: Natura Viva’s trained wild herb guide

Requirements: Suitable for everyone. We recommend suitable clothing and shoes for the outdoor walk. 

Price includes: lesson on wild herbs, drinking water (bottle)



Natura Viva Oy
Y-tunnus: 0649766-0
Natura Viva Oy
Y-tunnus: 0649766-0

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