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Hiking in the Nuuksio National Park is fun. Haukankierros trail is a semi-challenging trail but definitely worth a hike. Embark on the path from Hawk Nest.

You will be able to embark on four different hiking trails, staring off from Hawk Nest. With a length of four kilometers, the Haukankierros trail is the second longest of the bunch. The path leads from Hawk Nest base camp to Mustalampi and further to Myllypuro valley. Along the trail there are several natural sights, canyons and rock formations from the ice age. The trail also includes a segment in thick primeval forest. With normal walking pace the hike will take up to two hours. 

Haukankierros features

The Haukankierros trail is marked with blue diamond patterns. 

The trail leads past the Mustalampi shores with its campfire places and camping sites. Sit down, have a break, maybe roast a sausage on open fire and enjoy the silence. The water post and outhouse can be found at the Hawk Nest premises. 

The Haukankierros trail is a semi-demanding and a fun hiking trail. There are several steep climbs and uneven paths. You will also encounter a 30-step stairway on the way.

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