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This easy hiking trail in the Nuuksio National Park is suitable for everyone. Embark on Punarinnankierros from the Hawk Nest and enjoy the nature. 

The two-kilometer Punarinnankierros is the shortest of the hiking trails leading from the Hawk Nest. However, three’s still a lot to be seen on this enjoyable path. You will walk past Mustalampi with its floating turf rafts, and soon afterwards the road transforms to a smaller path among the woods. The boreal forest is always surrounding you with its tranquility. The trail will also lead past some small forest lakes. With normal pace it will take less than an hour to complete the easy Punarinnankierros trail.

Punarinnankierros features

The Punarinnankierros trail is marked along the way with red diamond figures. There’s a water tap, outhouse and the lovely Cafe Silva on the start of the trail. On Mustalampi district the trail features a covered cooking site and a campfire site as well the Mustalampi camping grounds

The Punarinnankierros trail is an effortless hike and also suitable for beginners. 

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