8,00 € / 90 min

Haukanpesä public sauna has closed its doors for 2019. More information regarding 2020 later on. Sauna is available for private rental 1st October - 30th April. More information click here

Come and experience the tranquility of Nuuksio National Park while enjoying a traditional wood fired sauna by a lake. Buy tickets to mixed public sauna turn that takes place every sunday from 12.30 to 14.00. Remember that it is obligatory to wear a swimsuit on the mixed sauna turn.

Hawk Nest public sauna instructions

  • Please sign up Haukkalampi Cafe (Cafe Silva) before entering the sauna.
  • During women’s and men’s turn only sauna dressing room is available for use. During mixed turn fireplace room can be used as a additional dressing room.
  • It is obligatory to use swimsuit on mixed turn.
  • Please always use a seat cover when using the steam room. Throw used seat covers in the trash bin after use.
  • Please add a few pieces of wood in the sauna fire place during or after your sauna experience. This way the sauna temperature stays on a enjoyable level throughout the day.
  • Hawk Nest sauna is a traditional, finnish wood fired sauna. Steam room can fit 8 people at a time same as the wash room. Please respect the Finnish Sauna traditions and always make room for new users in the steam room when full.
  • Wash room has a tap for hot and cold water. Washbasins are used for washing, no showers available.
  • The sauna terrace offers plenty of space for cooling down after sauna. Cold, non-alcoholic beverages can be bought from next door Cafe Silva.
  • Please follow the schedule and leave the dressing room well before the start of next turn.


Natura Viva Oy
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Natura Viva Oy
Y-tunnus: 0649766-0

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