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Natura Viva’s open canoes are wonderful water vessels  for beginners – easy to paddle! Canoeing in Helsinki metropolitan area is great fun – rent a canoe!

Open canoes, the traditional vessels of the Native Americans, have transformed to first-rate leisure equipment. They are light and easy to paddle and offer great possibilities for a relaxing time spent outdoors. We rent open canoes in both of our resorts, the Paddling Center in Vuosaari, Helsinki, and the Hawk Nest, Nuuksio National Park, Espoo.

Come for a visit and rent an open canoe for a nice paddling session. All open canoe rentals also include canoe paddles, personified floating device (pfd) and bailer.

Open canoes in Nuuksio

The open canoe is suitable especially for rivers and sheltered waters, such as the Nuuksio Hawk Lake. With its nature surroundings, forests and rocks encircling the lake, Hawk Lake is the perfect location for an easy-going no-hassle canoeing trip. 
Open canoes are paddled with a single-blade paddle and they have a lot of room for your gear. Make a stop at the Haukanholma campfire site for a picnic and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful Finnish nature. 
Our open canoes in Nuuksio carry two adults and two children, so canoeing in Nuuksio National Park is a great event for the whole family.

Open canoes in Vuosaari

We offer open canoes for canoeing trips in Helsinki as well, at The Paddling Center, Vuosaari. As the resort is located on the seashore, we recommend open canoes on the sea only on calm days. The canoe will be hard to handle in windy conditions, and on such days we recommend you to visit our other depot in Nuuksio for a calmer canoe trip on the lake. 

However, on calm days the Helsinki archipelago offers a perfect environment for a canoeing trip. Visit the public recreational islands or paddle along the coast – there is plenty to see and a lot of great outdoor destinations to be visited. Our open canoes in Vuosaari can carry two persons. 

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