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Kahvila Kampela is a cozy café on the Helsinki seaside. Easily reachable from the Vuosaari Paddling Center, it’s a perfect paddling and coffee destination. 

This easy and relaxing paddling route will take you around the Kallahdenniemi peninsula. On the other side of the Peninsula you will arrive on the Vuosaarenselkä sea and beyond that the beautiful Aurinkolahti bay. The Kampela is located on the eastern base of the bay, just beside the Aurinkolahti beach and boat docks. 

As you paddle along the Kallahdenniemi peninsula, pass the Kallahdenniemi beach from a distance because of the shallow waters. After the tip of the peninsula pass Voirasia island on whatever side you prefer and turn north. The nearby islands Läntinen Neitsytsaari and Kalliosaari are located on the right hand side at this point and make for good spots for small breathers. Try also to paddle between the two Neitsytsaari islands – the strait is really narrow but you will be able to squeeze through.

Now head directly towards the Aurinkolahti beach. To its right you will see the boat dock and Kahvila Kampela. Go ashore at the docks, which can be a bit challenging with the kayak, or land on the other side on a small beach and walk the rest of the way. Remember that it is not allowed to land on the actual swimming beach with a kayak. 

Kahvila Kampela is open every day, 9H–21H. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee on the seaside before heading back towards the Vuosaari Paddling Center. 

Paddling route info

Length: 10 km

Approximate duration: 3–4 h

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