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Eastern Helsinki is abundant with great paddling destinations. Visit the eight recreational islands. Start your day at Vuosaari Paddling Center, rent a kayak. 

The Helsinki archipelago consists of some 300 islands, small islands and islets, some of them owned privately and many of them owned by the city of Helsinki or other neighboring cities, and some of them made publicly open for visitors. 

Eastern Helsinki district has its good share of the islands, and being a sheltered body of water, there are plenty of suitable and usually calm paddling routes among the islands.  

There are eight public recreational islands, all easily within the reach when starting the kayak trip from Vuosaari Paddling Center. The nearest islands, Malkasaari, is located one kilometer out to the sea. All of the islands feature some services for outdoor lovers: fireplaces, bbq spots and beaches. On Pikku Leikosaari island there’s also a public sauna. These islands are definitely worth a visit.

Paddling Center services for archipelago visitors

Nature Viva offers guided kayak trips to Vartiosaari island, the biggest on the area. On Helsinki by Kayak trips the paddling party usually visits one or more of the recreational islands. 

You can also rent a kayak and embark on a self-guided trip to the archipelago. When renting a kayak, you will be handed a map containing the recommended paddling routes and locations of the recreational islands and public outdoor areas.  

Enjoy a lunch or a coffee at Cafe Natura at the Vuosaari Paddling Center and hop on the kayak. A wonderful world of paddling awaits you in the Eastern Helsinki archipelago. 

Eastern Helsinki recreational islands

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