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This fun outdoor destination is situated not too far from the Vuosaari Paddling Center. A suitable island for a visit in the Helsinki archipelago. 

The Läntinen Neitsytsaari and its neighboring, smaller partner form a great kayak trip destination. Situated to the north of Kalliosaari, their distance from the Vuosaari Paddling center is some three kilometers and the paddling route is easy. The smaller Itäinen Neitsytsaari is privately owned, but its bigger neighbor open for public. 

You can go ashore on Läntinen Neitsytsaari on the southern tip, where there are mooring rings for boats and a few small beaches for kayaks. This is a good place to attach your rental rowing boat. With a kayak or a SUP board you will be able to go ashore on the small beaches, located on both sides of the island. 

On Läntinen Neitsytsaari there’s a public outdoor kitchen area with a camp fire place. Prepare a nice picnic bbq here, just remember to take the rubbish to the waste disposal station when you’re done. 

The main building on the island is an old villa, built in the 1920s. For the time being, these premises have been rented privately, but the villa is an interesting site for fans of architecture. The island is largely forested and the nature is utterly beautiful.

The paddling to Läntinen Neitsytsaari is fun. First you will follow the Kallahdenniemi peninsula, passing the swimming beach and its shallows from a distance. After passing the eastern tip of the peninsula, the cape Kuningatar nature reserve, head towards Kalliosaari. Läntinen Neitsytsaari is located just a bit to the north from this spot. Visit this gem among the Helsinki archipelago on a Natura Viva rental kayak.

Läntinen Neitsytsaari info and services:

Services: covered outdoor kitchen, waste disposal station, mooring rings

Paddling distance from Vuosaari Paddling Center: 3 km

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