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Rent a kayak from Natura Viva and embark on an adventure in the Helsinki archipelago. Pikku Leikosaari is a great island destination for a day trip. 

The Pikku Leikosaari island is situated almost on the open sea, approximately 3,5 kilometers to the south from the Vuosaari Paddling Center. This small island is a very popular destination, as it features beautiful nature spots as well as open cliffs, perfectly suited for sunbathing. The terrain on the island is almost bare, as there are only a few groups of pine trees growing on the island. The surroundings can be windy, but you will find numerous sheltered spots among the cliffs. 

Pikku Leikosaari features a public sauna, which is very popular especially on sunny days. Be prepared to wait for your turn and be advised not to throw sea water on the hot sauna stones. 

The paddling trip to Pikku Leikosaari is an adventure by itself, recommended especially for more experienced kayakers. The paddling route follows the Kallahdenniemi peninsula until the swimming beach. From there the route turns south and you'll hop from one island to the next: Rati-Ahvensaari-Haapasaari-Santinen, and finally Pikku Leikosaari. 

Pikku Leikosaari info and services

Services: public sauna, outhouse, mooring rings

Paddling distance from Vuosaari Paddling Center: 3,5 km

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