Spend an unforgettable night in the wild in Southern Finland. Book a cabin or Tentsile near Helsinki metropolitan area and experience the true Finnish nature.

Natura Viva offers two authentic wilderness cabins for rent in the heart of Nuuksio National Park, on the cusp of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Oravankolo and Tikankolo are real lumberjack dwellings, built in the 1940s and 1950s as residences for forest workers. Both cabins can host six persons and include a separate sauna building on the premises. You can now rent these wilderness cabins from Natura Viva. Be quick as the demand for cabins is constantly high.

There are also wilderness cabins for rent in Repovesi National Park, located some 190 kilometers north of the Helsinki metropolitan area. The cabins are maintained and rented out by Tervarumpu, Natura Viva’s business partner in the area.

In Teijo National Park Natura Viva has two authentic fisher's lodges, "Vaappu" and "Lippa", for rent. These cabins sit on lake Matildanjärvi lakeshore and there's a lakeshore sauna nearby. All outdoor activities, from hiking to mountain biking to kayaking to fishing, await you in Teijo. 

In Fiskars, a historic iron-works and nowadays a lively village with boutiques and artesan restaurants near Helsinki metropolitan area, you will have the opportunity to rent Natura Viva's lakeshore cabin at lake Myllyjärvi. As there are no other residents by the lake, you will have the whole lake for yourself when booking the cabin. During the summer season we will also assemble a rentable Tentsile tree-tent on the cabin yard. In Fiskars Village Hotel Tegel takes bookings throughout the year. 


Nuuksio National Park wilderness cabins

From 2019 Natura Viva has two authentic forest lodges for rent, the Oravankolo and the Tikankolo cabins. These settlements are built in the 1950s for loggers working in the Nuuksio forests. They transpire the lifestyle of the past generations and offer a unique look into the lives of the lumberjacks. The cabins can accommodate six persons, and both cabins contain a wood-heated sauna. Book your forest cabin now!

Repovesi National Park wilderness cabins

The Oravankolo and Tikankolo cabins in Nuuksio are very much sought after, especially during weekends and bank holidays. Should these cabins be fully booked, look for Repovesi National Park cabins, located 190 kilometers north from Helsinki metropolitan area, for an authentic forest experience and a night spent in a Finnish national park. Located in the Finnish heartland, on the ”land of the thousand lakes”, Repovesi is one of the most popular forest areas in the country and the biggest natural reserve in southeast Finland.

The Repovesi cabins are being booked and maintained by Tervarumpu, Natura Viva’s business partner.

Lake Myllyjärvi cabin for holiday-makers

The rental cabin at lake Myllyjärvi offers relaxed holiday-time for all outdoor and nature lovers. This is an easy, suitable-for-all rental cabin – there's electricity and running water, and there the electric sauna is a built adjacent to the cabin. The cabin can accommodate two persons, and during the Summer season the backyard Tentsile will accommodate further three persons. 

Fiskars Village is located on the Southern Finland wilderness, about 80 kilometres from Helsinki and 110 kilometeres from Turku, the biggest city on the Finnish western coast.

Lodging in the National Parks of Southern Finland

We ensure you a stayover in the Finnish forest is an experience worth remembering. The bright, white snow blankets and almost impeccable moonlight of the winter season, the nightless nights of the Finnish summers, the untouched nature with its flora and fauna, the clean forest lakes… The list goes on and on – the nature in Southern Finland is truly remarkable.

An authentic cabin experience will have you bursting with awe, as well. Cook dinner on open campfire, have a long and thorough sauna session and take a dip in the forest lake – no matter if it’s summer or winter. And after spending the day in the wilderness there’s nothing like a warm and cozy cabin bed, assuring a peaceful night’s sleep.


Alkaen 109,00 €


Alkaen 85,00 €

Haukanpesä sauna in Nuuksio National Park

Alkaen 120,00 €

Rental cabins at lake Matildanjärvi

Alkaen 89,00 €

Rent a kota, a traditional forest hut, at lake Matildanjärvi

79,00 €

Caravan parking space in Teijo

Alkaen 39,00 €

Rental Sauna in Teijo National Park

Alkaen 45,00 €

Myllyjärvi Lakeshore Cabin

Alkaen 150,00 €

Tentsile at Myllyjärvi Lakeshore

Alkaen 149,00 €

Book Tentsile Experience Eco Camp Nuuksio summer 2023

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Gift Card: Accommodation in a Igluhut

360,00 €

Tentsile - Accomodation in a hanging tent

75,00 €

Villa Tammikko

Alkaen 190,00 €