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Packraft is an inflatable canoe, which you can carry with you. We have rental Packrafts in Helsinki – grab your canoe and head on a nature excursion. 

Packraft is a small, inflatable water vessel, which can be inflated and deflated on the go. When deflated, it fits in your backpack and weighs only a few kilograms. When inflated, it's a perfectly functionable and a studry canoe, with enough space for your hiking gear and enough carrying capacity for 1–2 persons. The Packrafts are manufactured from durable materials and they will work even in more severe weather. 

Packraft is the perfect hiking equipment in Finland, the land of the thousand lakes with a long Baltic Sea coastline. When you come across a lake, a river or a seaway, simply inflate the Packraft with a carry-on pump. Cross the water and stow the Packraft afterwards. Easy and fun!

We offer these fine outdoor equipment for rent in Helsinki during the forthcoming Summer season 2021. We also have guided Packraft group activities – contact ask for more info.