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Matildanjärven kierros Trail

Fancy hiking in nature in Southern Finland? Come to Teijo, where over 50 kilometers of hiking trails await you. Visit Natura Viva at lake Matildanjärvi.

The picturesque lake Matildanjärvi is located in the Southern part of Teijo National Park. The 5,5 kilometer Matildanjärven kierros Trail leads you around the lake and constitutes a perfect hiking trip for the whole family. Start your day out in Teijo at Natura Viva’s depot, Teijo Nature Center, located on the Southern Matildanjärvi lakeshore, and enjoy the beautiful Southern Finland hiking nature. 

Matildanjärven kierros Trail comprises of a encircling route around lake Matildanjärvi, the start and finish points being at Teijo Nature Center. This trail is usually the first hike for Teijo visitors, being easy to reach and suitable for hikers young and old. 

Matildanjärven kierros Trail follows the lake Matildanjärvi shoreline. This trail is meant to be walked counter-clockwise. There are narrow wood-paved sections on the swampland along the way, rendering overtaking other hikers or passerby hikers difficult. Thus it’s better all hikers walk in the same direction to avoid traffic jams. 

You will encounter diverse terrains and nature settings during the route, from swamplands to forest paths to small sections of paved country roads. Every now and then the trail leads to the immediate proximity to the lake shoreline. Välioja river is crossed on a bridge at the northeastern tip of the lake. 

Matildanjärven kierros trail services

Matildanjärven kierros Trail starts and finishes at Teijo Nature Center, where Natura Viva hosts a wide variety of services. Visit our café and enjoy a drink and a snack on the beautiful outside terrace. Get acquainted with the assortment of outdoor rental equipment, such as kayaks, canoes, SUP boards, rowing boats and Fatbikes at our rental shop. At the Nature Center infodesk you can buy maps and fishing permits and retain latest infos about weather and environmental restrictions, such as forest fire alarms or fishing restrictions. We will gladly assist you with all inquiries about Teijo National Park related matters.

Kariholma Campfire site is located along Matildanjärven kierros Trail, on the Southern shore of lake Matildanjärvi. This campfire site is also accessible with a wheelchair, and an wheelchair-accessible hiking route leads here from Teijo Nature Center along the shoreline. There’s also a boat dock and an outhouse at the campfire site.

Vicksbäck Lapp Hut, Natura Viva’s rental hut, is located along Matildanjärven kierros Trail, on the Northern lakeshore. 

Kavanderinlahti Campfire site is located along the trail on the Southern lakeshore. Here you will find a decked cooking canopy, a boat dock and a drinking water tap. Natura Viva’s rental lakeshore sauna is located adjacent to this campfire site. 

Roosiniemi Wanderers’ hut and an outhouse are located along Matildanjärven kierros Trail, on the Eastern lakeshore.