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Onnelannummen reitti Trail

See the biggest lake in Teijo National Park during this hike. Teijo is a perfect nature destination in Southern Finland. Come and visit Natura Viva in Teijo. 

Onnelannummen reitti Trail criss-crosses in the Northern part of Teijo National Park, where lake Hamarijärvi, the biggest lake in the national park is also located. The trail is partly a back-and-forth path, with an additional loop in the heart of Teijo National Park. 

The starting point is near Kirjakkala village, one of the three historic villages in the area with iron-foundry relics from 17th century. From there the walk leads to Onnelannummi camping, where for instance scout camps and summer school camps are regularly hosted. Here you have the opportunity to fill your water bottle, free from the tap. 

The loop around Hamarijärvi shorelines starts here, and you encircle back towards the camping area through Nikkallio, a formidable cliff. Altogether Onnelannummen reitti Trail is about 4 kilometers long, and full of spectacular nature and culture settings, from the gaunt lake Hamarijärvi shores to the rocks to the Kirjakkala village iron-works sights.

Onnelannummen reitti features

The starting point to the hiking trail is Kirjakkala village, where you can get acquainted with the outdoor services provided by Extreme Fun, Natura Viva’s co-operation partner in Teijo. 

Onnelannummi camping, in the half-way of the trail, is a rental camping area, with a drinking water tap and an outhouse. 

Hamarijärvi campfire site is located at the Southernmost tip of the trail, at Hamarijärvi lakeshore. The nature here is absolutely magnificent. 

Nikkalio observation deck along the trail features great views on the area.