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Embark on a nature trip in Repovesi National Park. Experience nature's tranquillity and get to know the Finnish cultural history. 

Repovesi National Park is located 180 kilometers north from Helsinki metropolitan area, in the municipalities of Kouvola and Mäntyharju. The national park area contains 15 square kilometers. Compared to a lot of national parks in Finland Repovesi is small in size, but very fascinating and beautiful indeed. The romantic and typically Finnish scenery here is combination of Finnish forests with pristine lakes.

You'll reach Repovesi easily by car, as the highway 5 takes you there from Helsinki metropolitan area. The city of Kouvola is 40 kilometers away, as is the Mäntyharju village. The location of Repovesi has attracted people for centuries, and the region has seen forests agriculture since the middle ages. The UNESCO world heritage site Verla is a well-preserved Groundwood and Board Millf from the turn of the 20th century. The factory buildings and associated worker's houses are an outstanding example of the small-scale rural industry that was common in Finland in the 19th and early 20th century. 

Beautiful nature in Repovesi

At Repovesi you'll encounter the quintessential Finnish nature. The forests are blooming with pines, spruces and birches, the ice-age shaped rocks are imposing and the lakes are everywhere around you. 

Repovesi itself is actually a big lake, on the Western side of the national park. The long and narrow lake Kapiavesi connects the national park with the Southern lake Tihvetjärvi. In the West lake Repovesi connects to lake Vuohijärvi, the largest lake in these surroundings. 

The endemic Finnish animal species can be found abundantly in Repovesi forests, from moose to deer and to fox and to the more uncommon bobcat and brown bear. The national park forests and lakes are also sanctuaries for many common and more rare bird species. 

Outdoor activities in Repovesi

The outdoor activities come in many forms in Repovesi. The steep and rugger Olhavanvuori hill attracts rock climbers. The lakes and the rivers invite for a paddling trip. Hikers and bikers will cherish the combined 45 kilometers of hiking trails. Remeber to respect the delicate nature when biking and don't avert from the marked trails. 

Finnish cultural heritage at Verla 

Verla is an old wood and paper mill, located in the vicinity of the Repovesi national park. Verla is a UNESCO world heritage site, as the buildings and the constructions are well preserved, and they paint a vivid picture to the life in these parts of the world in the 1800s and early 1900s. Repovesi has always been an important centerpoint for wood industry and timber rafting has been an integral part of the Finnish culture since the middle ages. The Kuutinlahti channel, which runs through Verla and the national park, has been an central timber rafting route, and in Verla you can still find shelters for the men who pursued this hard labour in the past centuries.

Nowadays the Verla factory site includes museums, shops, small businesses and cafés. It is a very recommendable destination for a day trip. You may of course combine a visit to Verla with other activities, such as a hike or a bike tour. 

Natura Viva at Repovesi

Natura Viva and our affiliates at Repovesi offer a wide variety of outdoor activities and accommodation in Repovesi. There are multiple bookable forest huts and cabins in the national park – you can reserve these from our affiliate Tervarumpu. Tervarumpu also offers Tentsile EcoCamp adventures and Tentsile accommodation in the national park. Tentsile is a tent which is hanged above the ground from tree trunks – you'll literally hover above the ground in the Tentsile.