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59,00 € / 3 h


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This course will take your skills to a next level! After the course, you will manage and enjoy kayaking even in more challenging conditions. Come along, book a kayak course in Helsinki.

In this kayaking course, we will deepen the skills learned in the beginners course. The content of the course is always adapted to the group, but we focus on the techniques required in the EPP2 (Euro Paddle Pass) proficiency test. This kayaking course is one part of the EPP2 trainings that prepares you for the skill test.

Time: 17:00-20:00

The main themes of the course:

* Forward and backwards paddling as well as braking.

* Steering the kayak in the desired direction.

* Moving sideways.

* Low brace stroke and preventing a capsize.

* Equipment handling and transportation.

Course location: Vuosaari Paddling Center, Helsinki.

Number of participants: 8 people

Prerequisites: Participation in a beginner's course and / or active kayaking. The course is also suitable for experienced paddlers. The course prepares you for the EPP2 skill test.

The price includes: Guidance through the course, kayaks and kayaking equipment. You can also take part in the course with your own kayak if it has sealed bulkheads.