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Packraft is a carry-on canoe. Take a Packraft with as you head on a nature hike and cross the waters. Rent you Packraft in Helsinki from Natura Viva.

Packraft is an inflatable canoe, which only weighs about three kilograms. When deflated, the Packraft can be stowed and placed in the backpack. When inflated, it will carry you and your gear across any water you might encounter during your hike. It is just as essential an outdoor equipment as the tent. With a packraft you will have no restrictions where to go. And Finland, being a land with a lot – and we mean A LOT – of lakes and a long coastline, is a great Packrafting country. 

Get your rental Packraft from Natura Viva in Helsinki. We have rental Packrafts at Vuosaari Paddling Center for the upcoming Summer season 2021. Make a Packraft hike in the Helsinki nature or travel further – the Packraft will be your best friend on your nature excursion in Finland. Rental periods for Packraft start from one day and extend to several days. 

Natura Viva has two separate Packraft models for rent. The MRS Nomad SI D is a one-person, narrow Packraft, suitable for lakes and calmer waters but operatable also in currents. MRS Barracude R2 is a two-person Packraft, which can carry two adults with hiking gear.