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Kayak, Fatbike, canoe, rowing boat and SUP board – all for one price 229 €. With a season subscription pass you can rent all outdoor equipment all season long.

Paddling and biking all year round, with one fixed price!

With the Natura Viva season subscription pass you will have unlimited access to all our rental equipment – always in great condition and waiting for you! You don't have to worry about storaging or maintaining the equipment – we do it for you! You don't have to buy and own your ourdoor equipment, with our season pass you have all the benfits and none of the hassle what comes with owning and maintaining the valuable equipment. 

With the season subscription pass you may book and rent equipment in our depots in Helsinki/Vuosaari, in Espoo/Nuuksio, Korpilampi and Suvisaaristo, and in Teijo National Park. 

Make sure to check in in the season pass holder's forum, where you can exhange thoughts with other outdoor lovers.

You can either choose one particular season pass, for instance for kayaks, Fatbikes or SUP boards, or buy an all-inclusive pass which includes all our outdoor equipment. 

Rental times and family discounts

Natura Viva's season subscription pass is for personal use. With your personal user ID you can pre-book the rental equipment in our webshop. The rental times vary, depending on the rental depot. Most of the self-service rental equipment are available between 05H and 00H. With a small additional fee you can rent the equipment also for longer and overnight periods.  

Family discount: when subscribing to our season pass, your children under 15 can rent equipment with the sam ID for free. 

Our rental depots in Southern Finland

Vuosaari Paddling Center, Helsinki, is located in Eastern Helsinki, on the Eastern Helsinki archipelago. The paddling routes and hiking trails here are amazing. In Vuosaari there are rental kayaks, SUP boards and Fatbikes available. 

Nuuksio National Park, Espoo, is the most noteworthy wilderness destination in Southern Finland. Our depot, the Hawk Nest, sits on a beautiful lakeside. From here you can reach the various hiking and biking trails in the national park. In Nuuksio there are rental canoes, SUP boards and Fatbikes available. 

Hotel Korpilampi, Espoo, is located in the Luukki outdoor area, with good nature trails and multiple possibilities for outdoor activities. There are splendid bike trails in the area. In Korpilampi we offer Fatbikes for rent. 

Teijo National Park, Salo, located in Southwestern Finland has it all: woods, lakes, seacoasts, cliffs. Our depot sits on the beautiful lake Matildanjärvi, with access to multiple hiking and biking trails. In Teijo there are rental kayaks, canoes, rowing boats, SUP boards and Fatbikes available. 

Suvisaaristo kayak depot, Espoo, is located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, on the Western coast. The seashore, the islands and canals here create great paddling routes. There are rental kayaks available in Suvisaaristo.