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Vallisaari - Fatbike M-koko #1
Vallisaari - Fatbike M-koko #2
Vallisaari - Fatbike L-koko #1
Vallisaari - Fatbike L-koko #2
Vallisaari - Fatbike L-koko #3
Vallisaari - Fatbike XL-koko #1
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Vallisaari, an atmospheric military island where you will find history and beautiful nature!

Vallisaari was once an island inhabited by soldiers and pilots, and in the 17th century it also served as a supply island for Suomenlinna Castle. In the 1700s, pilots lived in cottages on Vallisaari. In recent decades, Vallisaari has been left in its natural state. The island's abundant species and rich wildlife have been allowed to live and develop in peace. Fatbike is the perfect way to get around the island and there are several rest stops along the way, surrounded by maritime landscapes.

Fatbiking is fun and easy!

Thanks to their big, thick tyres, Fatbike bikes roll smoothly over varied terrain, from dirt roads and paths to snow and ice. This bike is fun to ride! Our Fatbike bikes are multi-speed "fat bikes" with hand brakes.

  • M-size fits a rider between 165-180cm
  • L-size is suitable for 180-190cm cyclists
  • XL size for cyclists over 190cm

Arrival at Vallisaari

Vallisaari can be reached by water, using the scheduled water bus service. The regular service is operated by Pörto Line on the route Kauppatori - Vallisaari - Kauppatori. The route service is taken into account in the opening hours of the rental office and the last rental period ends half an hour before the last ferry departs.

You can find the timetables here!

For more information:

Try fatbike cycling in Vallisaari! If you enjoyed the experience, consider our season tickets. We'll credit your personal bike rental for the purchase of a season pass.