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Beautiful Häme attracts water sports enthusiasts from all over Finland. Go paddling and SUP boarding in Hämeenlinna, a city of many lakes.

The city of Hämeenlinna is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Vanajavesi in the province of Kanta-Häme. Hämeenlinna is rich in nature, with beautiful lakes and rugged ridges. In the city, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of several nature reserves and clean nature.

Hämeenlinna is not only a lively outdoor and sports city, but also a well-known cultural city and the birthplace of Jean Sibelius, for example. Hämeenlinna's museums offer a wide range of history, art and design. Hämeen linna is the city's central cultural attraction, a historic castle and event venue where you can experience the medieval atmosphere, have a coffee and enjoy various exhibitions and events.

A wide range of sports and activities in Hämeenlinna

Hämeenlinna offers a wide range of sports, hiking and outdoor activities all year round. In winter, Hämeenlinna's ice rinks, skating rinks and ski slopes keep both residents and travellers active.

For hikers, Hämeenlinna offers plenty of nature experiences. The city's extensive nature trails, outdoor routes and hiking services attract visitors to get out and enjoy nature. The area around Hämeenlinna is full of fitness trails and outdoor routes with campfires and rest areas where you can rest and enjoy a snack.

Hämeenlinna's numerous lakes and wide water areas attract paddlers, SUP boarders and boaters. Hämeenlinna's Alajärvi, Tervaniemi recreation area has rowing boat launching sites, a fire pit, a floodlit fitness trail and a beach. Tervaniemi is one of Hämeenlinna's most popular outdoor recreation areas.

If you want to spend a moment away from the city and be truly by yourself, head to the natural Soininsaari. In winter and ice conditions permitting, you can walk from Tervaniemi along the trails or the skating trail all the way to Soininsaari.

The atmosphere of a major sporting event in the Olympic Park

Hämeenlinna was the official city of the 1952 Olympic Games. Hämeenlinna's Olympic Park on Ahvenistonharju is the perfect place to get out and play sports in the historic atmosphere of the Games. Originally built for the Olympic Games, the diving platforms of the Ahvenisto ground swimming pool are still in active use today.
The sandy beaches of beautiful Lake Ahvenisto area a great place for recreation and relaxation. In addition to the numerous beaches, Hämeenlinna has two swimming pools. In winter, the more adventurous head for Hämeenlinna's open-air swimming sites, such as Ahvenisto and Aulanko. Hämeenlinna's pleasant beaches attract residents and tourists alike to enjoy summer activities, relaxation and refreshment.

Hämeensaari - a summer living room for Hämeenlinna residents

Hämeensaari is Hämeenlinna's popular recreation area on the banks of the Vanajavesi River, right next to the city centre. Hämeensaari is a quick bike ride from the city centre, for example, and can also be reached quickly on foot. On a hot summer's day, it's nice to get away from the city centre and relax by the water, swim or even SUP.

Hämeensaari's pleasant beach attracts travellers and city dwellers alike. Natura Viva's pop-up trolley serves the beach's water sports enthusiasts. Close to the beach, at Hämeensaari Beach, Natura Viva's pop-up trolley offers SUP boats and kayaks for rent. Grab yours easily and go for a paddle or a paddle on the Vanajavesi.

Paddle or SUP on the Vanajavesi Water Nature Trail

Hämeenlinna's Vanajavesi is one of Finland's oldest inland waterways and a popular kayaking destination in Finland. You can paddle the entire length of the 35-kilometre-long water nature trail in one day. The route is easy and suitable for families and beginners.

Along the way you can admire Finland's stunning lake scenery, spot birds, enjoy the summer atmosphere and the clean nature and fresh air. Along the Vanajavesi Inland Waterway Route you can also visit interesting historical and cultural sites, even dating back to the Iron Age. Combine several destinations or choose the most interesting places to stop for a nice swim.

Rent kayaks or SUP boards easily from Natura Viva's pop-up trolley and go paddling in the stunning lake scenery. You can easily make a whole day trip by kayak or explore the destinations of the Vanajavesi water route. You can paddle long distances or take it easy, enjoying the summer sun and occasionally taking a dip in the fresh lake.