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Paddle, Stand Up Paddle, row or ride a fatbike!

We welcome you to rent kayaks, canoes, rowing boats, Stand Up Paddling boards and fatbikes in several nature spots in Southern Finland. Our equipment will help you explore the coastline and the Baltic Sea of Eastern Helsinki, Nuuksio's Haukkalampi and the surrounding areas, as well as Lake Teijo Matildanjärvi and its hiking trails.

From the Vuosaari Paddling Centre you can explore the coast and numerous outdoor islands

The Vuosaaren Melontakeskus is located between Kallahdenniemi and Ramssinniemi and offers sheltered conditions for sea kayaking. Within a few kilometres of the paddle centre you will find several outdoor islands where you can take a break, stay overnight and have a sauna! The Fatbike takes you easily to the tip of Kallahdenniemi to the seaside and explore the routes and trails of the Uutela outdoor area. The range also includes SUP boards, rowing boats and canoes.

Nuuksio's Haukkalampi is a relaxing and restful place to be!

At the Haukanpesä rental shop in Nuuksio's Haukkalampi, you can book SUP boards, canoes, rowing boats and fatbikes. Haukkalampi is a small and peaceful body of water where you can paddle or swim and admire the rocky landscape of the area. You can ride a fatbike on the many roads that criss-cross the national park and, if you wish, challenge yourself in the hilly terrain.

Teijo National Park is an outdoor enthusiast's number one destination!

Teijo Matildanjärvi is a fishing lake with several fireplaces and an island suitable for overnight stays! You can rent a rowing boat, kayak, canoe, SUP board or fatbike. Lake Matilda is a small body of water where conditions are mostly favourable for water sports and you can see a large part of the National Park from the water. We also sell fishing permits and with a rowing boat you can fish from early in the morning until late at night. We also offer cabin, hut and caravan accommodation in the area, so you can spend a family nature weekend in Teijo!