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Kayak - kayak season pass allows you to paddle in several kayaking destinations in Southern Finland during the summer season!

With the kayak season pass you can paddle in several paddling destinations in Helsinki, Espoo, Teijo and Repovesi National Parks. The wide range of kayaks and destinations ensures that you will have unforgettable outdoor experiences and spend a great summer in marine nature.

In addition to our own trips, you can join free guided kayaking trips in the Capital Region and get benefits for longer kayaking trips.

Easy booking and support for your activities

As a season pass holder, you can book your equipment independently and our offices don't have to be open to take you paddling. You can paddle at our paddling sites from 05.00 to 24.00. Overnight trips are also possible. Season ticket holders have their own Facebook group where you can look for paddling companionship and get tips from other season ticket holders.

This season pass is valid from the moment of purchase until the end of the 2024 paddling season. The paddling season always ends at the end of September.

  • If you have completed a beginner's course or a rescue training course, you can paddle at any time during the paddling season from 1.5 to 30.9

  • If you have not completed a beginners' course or rescue training, you can paddle at any time from 1 June to 31 August.

    • May and September are limited so that you can paddle within our opening hours. We limit paddling for your safety - the sea water is cold in the early and late season. When paddling during these times, it is good to know the basic principles of lifesaving.

Equipment available

  • Kayaks

Paddling destinations 2023

  • Vuosaari Paddling Centre

  • Teijo Nature Centre

  • Kivinokka paddling point

  • Kaisaniemi Paddling Point

  • Repovesi Paddling Point

  • Matinkylä Paddling Point

  • Suvisaaristo Paddling Point

*Sites may change as the season changes.

Season ticket conditions

  • Free use of kayaks during opening hours. See the opening hours of the self-service points for details.

  • Valid for the 2023 and 2024 kayaking seasons.

  • one child under 15 years of age from the same family free of charge in the same double kayak as the season ticket holder.

  • Rental hours vary from 05:00-00:00, overnight bookings €10 surcharge.

  • To take advantage of the full paddling season (1 May - 30 September), you must have completed a beginners' course or a rescue training course.Without a course or experience, the paddling season is limited for safety reasons to the period 1 June - 31 August. Please be prepared to present a course certificate or equivalent experience before your first booking. Check out our paddling courses here!

  • We reserve the right to change destinations as the season changes.

Kayaking - excursions included in the price of a season pass 2023

Weekly kayaking excursions at kayaking destinations in the capital region, with the following excursions in 2023:

  • Monday paddling at the Suvisaaristo Paddling Point

  • Thursday paddling at the Vuosaari Paddling Centre

  • Friday paddling at the Kivinokka and Matinkylä paddling points on alternate days

The excursions are three-hour guided tours, during which we explore the local archipelago and take a short break for lunch on the outdoor islands in the area. The destinations and numbers of the weekly paddles may vary according to the paddling destinations.

Booking kayaks at kayaking sites


  • Vuosaari Paddling Centre - self-service 05:00-24.00 from the beginning of May to the end of September

  • Kivinokka Paddling Point - self-service 05:00-24.00 from the beginning of May to the end of September

  • Repovesi Paddling Point - self-service 05.00-24.00 from June to end of August

  • Matinkylä Paddling Point - self-service 05:00-24.00 from the beginning of May to the end of September

  • Suvisaaristo Paddling Point - self-service 05:00-24.00 from the beginning of May to the end of September

  • Kaisaniemi Paddling Point - self-service 05:00-24.00 from the beginning of June to the end of August

  • Teijo National Park office - equipment available during the opening hours of the Teijo Nature Centre.

Making reservations

Once you have purchased a season ticket, you will be given access to a website for season ticket holders, where you can book the equipment yourself.

Going out with a friend

As a season ticket holder, you can also book equipment for your friend - you can pay for your kayak reservation at the same time as you make your own reservation.