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Vallisaari is a wonderful nature destination just outside Helsinki. Hop on a boat from the Market Square, rent a Fatbike and roll through the wonderful Vallisaari.

Vallisaari is a popular destination for city dwellers and people from far and wide go there for an interesting holiday. Just 20 minutes by sea from Helsinki's Market Square, Vallisaari is known for its stunning natural, cultural and historical attractions.

Vallisaari can be explored on foot or even by bicycle on a Fatbike. A large part of the beautiful Vallisaari is a nature reserve. There are guided trails around the island, taking care of the delicate nature. Vallisaari's many picnic areas and picnic meadows are a great place to enjoy beautiful summer days, have a snack and admire the island's thousands of butterfly species.

Nature, tourism, hiking and culture are seamlessly intertwined on Vallisaari. The island has a number of protected historic buildings and old wartime batteries and gunpowder cellars that are well worth a visit.

The popular contemporary art festival Helsinki Biennale is held on Vallisaari. The event attracts many visitors to the island during the summer.

The wild nature of the lush Vallisaari, its stunning seascapes, rich cultural heritage, topical cultural events and fun island activities attract visitors from all over Finland.

Vallisaari remained in its natural state for decades

Vallisaari was once an island inhabited by soldiers and pilots, and in the 17th century it also served as a supply island for Suomenlinna Castle. In the 1700s, pilots lived in cottages on Vallisaari.

During Russian rule, Vallisaari was called Alexander Island, and in the 19th century the island's popular historical attraction, the Alexander Battery, was built on the island. Until 2008, Vallisaari was under the control of the Finnish Defence Forces.

For the last few decades, Vallisaari has been left in its natural state. The island's rich biodiversity and wildlife have been allowed to live and develop in peace. Vallisaari was opened to the public for hiking and recreation in 2016. Visitors to Vallisaari can admire the island's exceptional nature and learn about its rich history.

Vallisaari offers a wide range of things to see and do

Vallisaari is a great place to spend an active holiday and relax in the stunning seascapes. There are many interesting things to see and do along the guided routes on Vallisaari. At least stop by the Kustaanmieka lookout point, with its sweeping views of the sea.

Those arriving by boat can hire a berth at the Vallisaari marina. The Vallisaari marina is a meeting point for boaters leaving and arriving, where you can get a real sense of island life.

You can take your own snacks on the Vallisaari tour or enjoy the island's café and food services. Vallisaari's harbour café and ice cream café offer delicious coffees and treats for your coffee breaks. Vallisaari's cosy container restaurant offers a more relaxed dining experience after an active day.

For the active visitor, there is plenty to do on Vallisaari. From the beginning of June until the end of August, you can rent fatbikes, kayaks and SUP boats at Natura Viva Vallisaari's outdoor equipment rental centre. Rent a Fatbike for example and go for a ride in the island's interesting nature and explore the island's many historical sites. Natura Viva also organises guided tours of the island.

Vallisaari is a special excursion destination in Finland

Vallisaari is a natural destination with clear ponds, abundant woodland and rich biodiversity. Vallisaari's rolling meadows and rocky coves with their whitecaps, cattails and ketonics attract thousands of butterfly species.

It's hard to believe you're holidaying on the island of Vallisaari, just outside the busy capital.

Vallisaari has a lush and atmospheric green linden grove, the like of which is unrivalled in Finnish nature. On guided tours of the island, visitors will certainly hear the story of Vallisaari's Headless Colonel, a ghost whose life, according to at least one story, is said to have come to a fateful end, reportedly right next to the linden grove.

The exceptional atmosphere of Vallisaari attracts visitors

Vallisaari is home to several protected species of bats, such as ground bats, whiskered bats, water bats, earwigs and little bats. Bats hibernate in the shelters of Vallisaari's fortifications and old buildings, as well as in the island's many caves. The forests, meadows and ponds of Vallisaari provide bats with an abundance of insects to feed on.

The island is full of visitors, life and activity, and also has a nice, peaceful atmosphere. The nature and tranquillity of the island is also important for the bats, which thrive best in the quiet and wild parts of the island.