Siirry sisältöön

The Vuosaari district is a haven for outdoor lovers. From beaches to forests to trails to paths, there’s nice Finnish nature to be enjoyed. Start at the Vuosaari Paddling Center. 

The suburban Vuosaari district is one of the easternmost suburbs of Helsinki city, located on the shoreside to the Baltic Sea. In front of the 17 square kilometers district, largest within the Helsinki borders, lies the Eastern Helsinki archipelago. The Vuosaari suburb is home to some 40.000 people. 

Vuosaari is well known among the Helsinkians as the greenest and most maritime district in the city. This suburb has everything the Finnish nature can offer, from luscious beaches and lush forests to the vivid archipelago area. The area contains thirteen nature reserves, some of them on the islands in the Eastern Helsinki archipelago. The coastlines expands over 30 kilometers. The area was strongly shaped during the last ice ice, some 10 000 years ago, leaving behind vast rock formations and creating peninsulas above the seabed.  

There are also numerous constructions made for outdoor lovers: bike trails and walk paths in the forests, boat docks and water channels for kayaking and water traffic and suburban boulevards made for casual strolling. 

Diverse recreational district

Natura Viva’s Vuosaari Paddling Center is located on the seashore beside the Kallahdenniemi peninsula, shorter Kallahti peninsula, a 2,5 kilometer peninsula leading towards the sea. This is the main hub of Natura Viva's outdoor activities in Vuosaari.

To the west from the Paddling Center lies the Meri-Rastila outdoor area, with a network of walking paths and bike trails. This area boasts epic-scale cliffs and rocky beaches as well as thick forests. There are numerous bird species residing and nesting in Meri-Rastila and the area is also known for its many bat species. 

Further to the east behind Kallahti peninsula lies the Aurinkolahti bay with another beautiful beach and a seaside boulevard with a Central European vibe. Pass the Aurinkolahti beach and You will reach the Uutela peninsula, another cape with beautiful nature, numerous walking paths in the forest, a meadow area and a nature reserve. 

Vuosaarenhuippu, to the north from the Paddling Center, is an artificial hill, formed over an old waste disposal dump and landfill site. After persistent landscaping project, taken on by the City of Helsinki in the 1990s, the area has been transformed into a nature haven with numerous uncommon plant species. Beside the hill lies the Mustavuori meadow area, another nature reserve. 

Rent outdoor equipment for a grand day out

The Paddling Center is the base for all Natura Viva’s activities in Vuosaari. There’s a vast array of equipment for rent, for instance kayaks, canoes, SUP boards and rowing boats for water activities as well as Fatbike all-terrain bikes for biking trips. 

A great way to get to know the area is to rent bike and hop on the saddle. Being a fairly flat area, Vuosaari is very much so suitable for biking. All the districts within Vuosaari are easily and quickly reachable by bike. Those bikers looking for more challenging routes can turn towards Meri-Rastila outdoor are or Vuosaarenhuippu, as these areas are more uneven with hillsides and occasionally steep climbs. 

On foot you will quickly reach the Kallahti peninsula and Aurinkolahti districts. The other nature spots within the Vuosaari district requier slightly longer walks. 

Within the Eastern Helsinki archipelago there are many recreational islands open for public. The islands can be reached by kayak, nearest of them also by rowing boat or SUP board. Natura Viva also offers guided kayak tours to some of the islands. We have also assembled our recommendations for the best paddling routes within the archipelago.

Cafe Natura at the Vuosaari Paddling Center offers all the visitors and outdoor explorers a wide variety of snacks, sandwiches, salads, coffee, tea and beverages. A nice way to start your day out in Vuosaari is to enjoy a delicious lunch or a hot cup of coffee on the Cafe Natura terrace and observe the breath-takingly beautiful seaside nature.