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Cafe Silva is the only cafeteria inside the Nuuksio National Park. Enjoy a hot or a cold beverage and observe the beauty of the forest! 

Cafe Silva is situated in the Nuuksio Hawk Nest, Natura Viva’s recreational center inside the premises of the Nuuksio National Park. The cafeteria has lovely outdoor grounds on the Hawk Lake shore, and more tables can be found on the nearby Hawk Island. Here You can enjoy your coffee in the unique Finnish forest environment. 

Cafe Silva has a selection of hot and cold drinks, small snacks and ice cream, and pre-packed foods for takeaway. Here You can also buy food supplies for longer trips in the National Park.

There’s a free Wifi connection at the cafe for all customers. 

First a coffee, then a nature trip

Cafe Silva is the perfect first base on your day out in Nuuksio. Grab a hot drink or a cold beverage and embark on a canoe tour, hike or a Fatbike ride – or enjoy your purchases at the cafe. 

There are three marked hiking tracks leaving from the cafeteria as well as multiple other trails. Also the canoe pier is located just outside Cafe Silva – this place is the centre point of all outdoor activities in Nuuksio National Park.

The Hawk Nest sauna, situated beside the Cafe, can be rented, for individuals, smaller or larger groups – the sauna has a common room with a fireplace, where group catering and conference equipment can be arranged.

Opening hours 2022


Saturdays 10 - 18 

Sundays 12 - 18

June, July and August

Weekdays 13 - 20

Weekends 10 - 18


Saturdays 12 - 17 

Sundays 12 - 17