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Myllyjärvi Lakeshore Cabin
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Embark on a vacation in Southern Finland, book our cabin with a sauna and your own lake. What more can you wish for?

The Lake Myllyjärvi cabin is Natura Viva's rental cabin near Fiskars Village, Southern Finland, about one hour drive from Helsinki metropolitan area and from Turku city. This nice forest cabin sits on the beautiful Myllyjärvi lakeshore, about three kilometres from Fiskars Village, the culturally important community and historic iron foundry on the Southern Finnish coast.

There is a wonderful benefit, when booking the lake Myllyjärvi cabin: as it is the only residence on the lakeshore, you will have the whole lake for yourself. Enjoy swimming or rowing on the lake. 

Cabin is easily reachable from Helsinki and Turku

When planning a cabin vacation in Southern Finland, it doesn't get more convenient than this. Fiskars Village is located about 80 kilometres from metropolitan Helsinki and from Helsinki-Vantaa international airport, and about 110 kilometres from Turku city and Turku international airport. You will reach Fiskars easily by car or by public transport. 

Fiskars Village is an interesting destination for both lovers of culture and of nature. After a paddling trip, a hike or a bike ride in the beautiful Southern Finnish countryside, you can enjoy a night of culture and history in Fiskars Village, visit the small boutiques and handicraft shops and dine in nice restaurants with high-quality local food and artesan beers and ciders. 

The lake Myllyjärvi cabin is located 2,5 kilometres from Fiskars Village. The 4-kilometre Rissla Forest Path also leads to the cabin from the village. The nature all around you at Myllyjärvi is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Rental cabin with water and electricity

The Myllyjärvi lakeshore cabin can accommodate two persons. There are sleeping facilities for two, a small kitchen, a wc and a sauna. The cabin is facilitated with running water and electricity. The water comes direct from the lake Myllyjärvi so we recommend boiling the water before drinking, or alternatively bringing your own drinking water. During the summer season (from 1.6. to 10.9.2023) the cabin rental price includes a Tentsile Tree Tent, which can accomodate three more persons, so altogether the capacity during the summer is 6 persons. The Tentsile will be assembled and ready to use.


The Myllyjärvi lakeshore cabin is located some 2,5 kilometres from FIskars Village. Cabin address: J. E. Erikssonintie 100, FI-10470 Fiskari.


Remember to bring with you: matches, toilet paper, bed linen (these are not included in the rent). Own sleeping bags and mattresses for Tentsile.

The nearest grocery store is in Fiskars Village. 

Cabin reservations and usage

Check-in from 13H on arrival day, check-out latest 11H on departure day. 


Keys are situated in a smart locker, which can be found at the cabin. The customer will be sent a personal pin code shortly before the start of the reservation. Also a code to the cabin road gate will be sent to the customer. 

The pin code is operational throughout the rental period, so keys can and should always be left in the smart locker, when locking the cabin. When leaving the cabin at the end of the rental period, place the key back into the smart locker.

Cleaning and waste disposal

The person making the reservation is responsible for cleaning all the premises: the cabin, the common courtyard and the connected amenities and service. The premises have to be cleaned in such a manner, that the next guests will have a pleasant arrival in the cabins. 

All guests must adhere to the principle of waste-free camping, when staying in the cabin. This means, all non-burnable waste has to be taken away from the cabins when leaving, all burnable waste has to be burned in the wood-fire stove or in the courtyard fireplace, and all other waste must be taken into the waste bin, located outside of the cabin. No foodstuffs must be left behind in the cabins, as they attract mice and other small animals. 


Clean dogs are allowed to visit the cabin. The dog owner is responsible for covering the beds and for cleaning away the dog hair. All dog litter from the courtyard must be cleaned and taken to the forest where it can be left to decompose.

When outside, dogs must be kept on a leash. When making the reservation, please add information about your dog size and breed. Also please check the rental terms and conditions concerning pets before making your reservation.

Terms and conditions

The person making the reservation is fully responsible for the cabin, the common courtyard and the premises, and also for other persons visiting the cabin. Please check the rental terms and conditions and the cabin rules before making your reservation.