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Cafe Haukka

Cafe Haukka, familiar from TV, is located on the shore of Nuuksio's Haukkalampi pond in the same building as the Hawknest rental house. Ville Haapasalo and Pipsa Hurmerinta and their team came up with a new name, look and menu for the café in 2023.

Cafe Haukka's menu includes stuffed baked potatoes, Belgian waffles, warm breads, authentic hot chocolate, coffee and tea, pastries and ice cream - enjoy a refreshing coffee break in Cafe Haukka's outdoor area by the pond. Cafe Haukka is the only café inside the Nuuksio National Park area.

Cafe Haukka's menu can be found here.

Hike, bike or paddle from the café

When you come to Nuuksio for outdoor activities, start your day at Cafe Haukka. There are four marked hiking trails and a connecting trail to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia starting from or in the immediate vicinity of the café. We rent fatbike bicycles, open canoes, stand up paddling boards and rowing boats for water activities at Haukanpesä. And of course you can come for coffee anyway!

Cafe Haukka's outdoor tables are located right on the shore of Haukkalampi, and there are more café tables in front of the café on Haukansaari.

You can book the Hawknest sauna for washing up and use the fireplace room as a lounge or meeting room. The fireplace room can be equipped with meeting equipment and can be used for group meals.

Opening hours 2024 and location

Cafe Haukka is located in Nuuksio National Park, in connection with Natura Viva's Hawknest rental house. Our address is Haukkalammentie 32, 02820 Espoo.

May 4.5.-31.5.

Closed on weekdays

Sat 10 - 18

Sun 12 - 17

June, July and August 1.6.-25.8.

Weekdays 12 - 20

Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

August to September 26.8.-15.9.

Closed on weekdays

Sat 12 - 17*

Sun 12 - 17

*31 Aug. Night of the Lanterns event. Exceptional opening hours from 12-23.30.

Join the 30th anniversary celebrations of Nuuksio at Haltia Nature Centre, see the brand new exhibition, bring your own lantern, join the lantern parade and let your light shine. More information on the event coming soon.

*Snowshoe hire is available throughout the snowy season at Haukkalampi.