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Teijo National Park invites campers on wheels! Teijo Caravan Park has parking spaces for 19 caravans and motorhomes. Rent your space from Natura Viva!

Teijo National Park has a long tradition in summer holiday relaxation! The beautiful and diverse nature invite visitors from near and far. In 2020 the Teijo services are multifaceted, and now also campers with motorhomes or caravans have a place to stay in Teijo: The Teijo Caravan Park, located beside Teijo Nature Center, Natura Viva's main depot in the national park.

Teijo Caravan Park is located in the forest, on a beautiful spot near Matildanjärvi lakeshore. There are parking spaces for 19 caravans or motorhomes, and all crucial services are provided at the nearby Teijo Nature Center. You can rent outdoor equipment, such as kayaks, sup boards, Fatbikes and rowing boats at the Nature Center, or enjoy a coffee and a snack at the Nature Center cafeteria. Lake Matildanjärvi is a famous fishing destination, and from the Nature Center you can reach many hiking routes in the national park,

All Caravan Park parking spaces are equipped with electricity sockets. Showers and WC:s are located in the Nature Center. 

Single bookings can be made from 14.4.2021 on and bookings for the whole season can be made from 1.5 on.

Caravan Park specs

The Caravan Park is located inside Teijon National Park nearby lake Matildanjärvi parking area. All caravan spaces are equipped with electricity sockets. Teijo Nature Center is located some 200 meters from the Caravan Park. 

Caravan Park address: Matildanjärventie 84, FI-25660 Salo. 



1 day 28,00 €

3 days 75,00 €

7 days 150,00 €


1 day 35,00€
3 days (Fri-Mon) 95,00€




Season 880,00 € (please contact: info@naturaviva.fi)

The parking fee includes:

• The parking space for your caravan/motorhome 
• Electricity
• WC's and showers (at the Nature Center)
• Disabled WC (at the Nature Center)
• Recycle bin for your chemical WC 
• Common fireplace (including firewood)    

Additional services at the Nature Center:

• Outdoor equipment rental (kayaks, sup boards, Fatbikes, rowing boats)    
• Fishing permits (required for lake Matildanjärvi and partially to other national park lakes)
• Lakeshore rental sauna bookings
• Forest rental cabin bookings

Caravan space check-in at 15H on arrival day, check-out 14H on departure day. It's prohibited to park your vehicle before check-in. 


The keys to the electricity socket are placed in a key locker, located in the Nature Center WC and shower building wall. The person making the reservation will be provided with two separate pin codes; the first pin code will be entered in an electronic smart box, located beside the key locker. With a key found in the smart box the key locker can be opened and a key box with caravan space number will be found. This box will be opened with the second pin code. With a key found in the box the person making the reservation has  access to the electricity socket as well as to the showers and the WCs.

Cleaning and waste management

The person making the reservation is responsible for the cleanliness of the caravan space. All premises must be cleaned in such a manner, that the next guest can arrive at the clean and enjoyable premises.

All waste must be recycled or disposed of. There is a waste and recycling point in the Caravan Park. 


Dogs are allowed in Teijo National Park. When outside, dogs must be kept on a leash. Please make sure your dog doesn't disturb the other Teijo National park visitors.  All dog litter must be cleaned and taken to the forest where it can be left to decompose.

Please check the rental terms and conditions concerning pets before making your reservation.

Terms and conditions

The person making the caravan park reservation is fully responsible for all her/his visitors. Please get acquainted with the terms and conditions before making a reservation. 

Reservation info and inquiries:

Natura Viva
Phone: Tel. +358 50 366 4468 (during Teijo Nature Center opening hours: weekdays 12H–19H, sat-sun 11H–18H)
Hotline for emergencies: Tel. +358 10 292 4032

Rental space management and maintenance: Natura Viva.