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Caravan parking space in Teijo
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From €105.00
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Caravan area in the middle of nature - come to Teijo National Park!

Teijo National Park has a long tradition as a camping area with beautiful and diverse nature that attracts visitors from near and far. In 2015, the area was designated as a national park and since then, services and routes have diversified.

Outdoor activities, kayaking and fishing in the middle of a national park

Teijo National Park is also a great nature destination for caravanners. Teijo National Park's 16-site caravan site is located in a beautiful natural setting in the middle of the national park, by Lake Matilda. Numerous hiking trails start right around the corner from the campsite, and guests can also rent a kayak, sup-board, fatbike or boat to explore Lake Matildanjärvi and the national park's water and land trails. Lake Matildanjärvi is known as a very fishy lake, where catch-sized trout are also regularly stocked.

We also offer a €20 discount on the sauna for those who book a caravan pitch. When you buy a caravan pitch, you will receive a code to book a sauna at a reduced price.


The caravan area is part of the National Park and is located in a forested area near the road leading to the parking area at Lake Matilda. Each caravan or caravan has its own flat gravel pitch with an electric pole. The Teijo Nature Centre and its services, run by Natura Viva, is located about 200 metres away.

Take a look at the map of the Teijo Caravan Area and then choose the right place for you!


The address of the caravan site is Matildanjärventie 84, 25660 Salo.

The caravan site includes

  • Caravan site

  • E-mail

  • Toilet (water toilet in connection with the Nature House)

  • Disabled toilet (in connection with the Nature House, water toilet)

  • Shower facility (in connection with the Nature House)

  • Chemical toilet emptying facility

  • Outdoor parking

  • Use of fireplace (including firewood)

Additional services

  • Kayak hire

  • Sup-boat hire

  • Boat hire

  • Fishing permits

  • Sauna rental

  • Hire of wilderness cabins

Things to consider

In May, September and October Teijo Nature Centre is only open from Friday to Sunday. Rental of water sports equipment is only possible during opening hours. However, in case of problems you can always reach us on 0102924033.

Booking and use of a caravan site

The caravan pitch is available for use from 15:00 on the day of arrival until 14:00 on the day of departure. The caravan site may only be accessed after the reservation period has begun.

Introduction of electricity

The keys to the electricity point are located on the outside wall of the Nature Centre's toilet and shower block in the key cupboard. Two different codes will be provided to the hirer in advance, the first of which is entered into the electronic smart key box located next to the key cabinet. With the key from the smart key box, the tenant can open the key box, which contains the location-specific key boxes. With another code (4 digits), the renter can open the key box of his/her caravan pitch and thus have access to the key to the electric stall, toilet and shower. At the end of the rental period, the key is returned in the same way.

Cleaning, final cleaning and rubbish

The hirer is responsible for the cleanliness of the caravan site rented. The site must be thoroughly cleaned after use so that the next visitor to Teijo National Park will have a pleasant arrival. There are rubbish and recycling bins at the end of the large caravan park at Lake Matilda.


Dogs are allowed in Teijo National Park, but the owner must ensure that the dog is properly tethered at all times outside the caravan or caravan. If a dog is found in the yard, it must be removed and composted in the forest.

Conditions, rules and instructions

The caravan pitch booker is fully responsible for all guests staying on the pitch. Please check the terms and conditions before booking.

Reservation management and related enquiries

  • Natura Viva

  • info@naturaviva.fi

  • Contact by phone: Teijo Nature Centre, tel +358 10 292 4032 (during Teijo opening hours)

  • Natura Viva is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the site.