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Totin luontopolku Trail

An easy hike in Southern Finland: Totin luontopolku is a family-friendly hiking trail in Teijo National Park. Start the day at Teijo Nature Center for a coffee.

Totin luontopolku Trail is an easy an relaxing nature hike in Teijo National Park, the maritime national park in Southern Finland. This nature path is about 1 kilometer long, and it starts at Sahajärvi parking area, in the middle of Teijo National Park. See our driving instructions and find your way there. 

Tobin luontopolku Trail criss-crosses in the middle part of Teijo National Park, in the beautiful lake Sahajärvi nature. The trail is walked on the lands of Teijon kartano, a 18th century villa with a beautiful forest-like garden. You experience some rocky terrain, narrow creeks and beautiful woods along the trail. 

Reminiscent of the past glory of Teijon kartano, there are non-endemic planted plant and tree species growing on the premises, which have thrived in Teijo ever since, most notably the rhododendron and the beech tree. Totin luontopolku Trail doesn’t resemble your typical Finnish forest, instead you get a funny sense of being in nature somewhere in Central Europe. 

Totin luontopolku Trail features

There’s an observation deck along the trail, with a beautiful view over lake Sahajärvi.