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Teijo National Park

If You are looking for a diverse nature destionation in Southern Finland, look no further. Visit Teijo National Park for nature, outdoor activities and leisure.

Teijo National Park lies on the Southwestern coast of Gulf of Finland, just on the cusp of the Turku archipelago, in Southwest Finland, some 140 kilometers from the Helsinki metropolitan area. 

Teijo National park and its adjacent seaside villages are a fascinating and diverse nature destination. Naturewise you’ve got almost everything that Finland has to offer: pristine lakes, vibrant rivers, epic forests, some coastline and pelagic nature, hills, rocks, wetlands and swamps (Finland’s endonym ”Suomi” literally means ”Land of swamps”). 

The proximity to the Baltic Sea and the archipelago lends Teijo its undeniable charm. The flora and fauna contain all the common nordic species plus some uncommon ones: the endangered Eurasian Lynx resides in Teijo, as well as some very rare swampland plant species. 

There are four semi-sized lakes inside the Teijo National Park, as well as some very rugged cliffs, formed during the latest ice age some 9000 years ago. 

A historically significant special feature of the region are three seaside villages, formed in the late 17th century as iron foundries. One of the villages, the Teijo village, still carries on this metal industry tradition, albeit on a small scale, while the two other villages, the Mathildedal village and the Kirjakkala village, have been restored as historic sights with only a few hundred year-round residents. There are charming pubs, microbreweries, cafés and small handicraft shops in all three destinations, located only some 3-5 kilometers apart from each other. There are also some accommodation alternatives.

Natura Viva in Teijo National Park

Teijo Nature Center, Natura Viva’s hub in Teijo National Park, is located on the scenic lake Matildanjärvi lakeshore, in the southwestern corner of the national park. This would be your perfect base destination in Teijo, when arriving in the district and starting your grand day outdoors. 

Natura Viva operates a café and a rental facility in Teijo Nature Center, with a wide variety of rental kayaks, SUP boards and rowing boats as well as Fatbike mountain bikes. You can embark on a paddling trip or a rowing trip on the beautiful lake Matildanjärvi and its neighboring lake Puolakkajärvi or hop on the bike saddle and head off to the numerous forest trails and biking routes criss-crossing in and around the region. The historic iron foundry villages are easily reachable by bike. 

Natura Viva also lease out two authentic forest cabins, the ”Vaappu” and the ”Lippa”, as well as a traditional forest hut, the ”Vicksbäck Lapp Hut”, all situated on the Matildanjärvi lakeshore. There’s also a lakeside rental sauna, which You can book for shorter or longer time periods. Teijo Caravan Park with its 19 reserved spots for motorhomes and camping trailers adjacent to Teijo Nature Center offers accommodation for the caravan travelers.

Natura Viva also provides You with fishing permits, which are required on the region's fishing waters.

Teijo Nature Centre and Café opening hours 2024

May-June 3.5.-2.6.

Fri 14 - 18

Sat 10 - 16

Sun 10 a.m. - 14 p.m.

June-July 3.6.-30.6.

Mon-Sun 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

July-August 1.7.-25.8.

Mon-Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Aug-Oct 26.8.-13.10.

Sat-Su 10 a.m. - 14 p.m.

October 14.10.-20.10. (autumn holiday week)

Mon-Sun 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


E-mail: info@naturaviva.fi

Tel: +358 10 292 4032

Address: Matildanjärventie 84, FI-25660 Salo.

Rent a kayak and head on the lake

Lake Matildanjärvi is an excellent kayaking spot, with its calm waters and beautiful scenery. Rent a kayak from Natura Viva and explore the kayaking waters. We have both single and double kayaks for rent as well as touring kayaks, which can carry more equipment. 

SUP at lake Matildanjärvi

SUP, stand up paddling, is a perfect summer sport: easy, relaxing and feel-good! Rent a SUP board and head on the lake: You will soon notice that lake Matildanjärvi, being so calm and pristine, is a perfect SUP spot.

Rowing day in Teijo

Rowing is a traditional summer recreation in Finland, which of course just makes sense in the land of the thousand lakes. Our rental rowing boats can carry 3–4 people. Take your picnic foods with you, hop on the boat and head on the lake!

Hop on the Fatbike, start exploring

Fatbikes are basically all-terrain bikes, only their tires are way wider than on your average bike. This creates more friction and balance, and combined with the +10-gear traction system, the Fatbike can be ridden on very rough terrains with relative ease. Perfect for a bike ride in the forest! Our rental Fatbikes come in four different frame sizes.

Hike in Teijo National Park

Teijo National Park features over 50 kilometers of hiking trails. Grab a coffee and snacks from Teijo Nature Center and head to the forest. The hiking terrains are diverse, from easy forest trails to steep up- and downhills, swamplands, seashores and lakeshores. There are cooking stalls, camping grounds and resting places among the marked trails everywhere. 

Fishing in Teijo

Lake Matildanjärvi is a special fishing destination, upheld by Metsähallitus, the state-owned enterprise responsible for the management of nature areas in Finland. They practice fish stocking in lake Matildanjärvi on regular intervals. This means rainbow trout, a non-endemic species to Finnish nature, is regularly being bred and released into the lake. All fishing on the lake requires a fishing permit – get your permit from Natura Viva at Teijo Nature Center.

Guided trips in Teijo

Nature Viva’s licensed nature guides will lead You to exciting adventures in Teijo National Park. There are many options available for guided water, hiking and biking excursions throughout the summer season.

Overnight in Teijo

There’s nothing like a sleepover in the forest! Book a night in one of our forest cabins or embark on a hiking trip and spend the night in a tent or in a wanderers’ hut – there are seven wood-built canopies, in the national park, which can be found among the marked trails. It is allowed and recommended to sleep in the wanderers’ huts. You can also build your tent in the vicinity of such a hut, as there are always campfire sites and outhouses adjacent to the huts.

For less adventurous sleepovers there are multiple services offering accommodation in the Teijo district. from bed&breakfasts to hostels to hotels to rental villas.

Experience the traditional Finnish sauna in Teijo

This is something every visitor in Finland must experience! Natura Viva’s rental sauna on the Matildanjärvi lakeshore is available for all outdoor-lovers. You can book Teijo Lakeshore Sauna for short, 1-2 hour sessions or for the whole day. 

Coffee at Teijo Nature Center

It is always a great idea to have a coffee in the middle of nature! Visit our café at Teijo Nature Center, sit on the terrace and enjoy the surroundings. We also sell foods to go – hike in the forest and have a picnic on one of the numerous campfire sites in the national park.