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Nuuksio National Park is an excellent hiking destination in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Visit Hawk Nest resort and book a hiking tour or embark on a self-guided tour.

The Nuuksio National Park is an inviting nature resort. The forests, numerous lakes and ponds combine into a unique outdoor area just a hop away from downtown Helsinki. Natura Viva provides various guided hiking tours in the National Park. The trails are well marked and self-guided trips are very easy to be taken up. Grab a hot coffee with you from Cafe Silva and head to the forest. A hike in fresh air is the best way to charge your batteries and feel re-invigorated!

Guided hiking tours

All our guided hiking tours are conducted by professional guides. They will lead you to the most interesting nature sites in the National Park, such as ice-age moulded ridges and cliffs and picturesque forest lakes. The guides will also recount fascinating facts about the history of Nuuksio. All tours also available as private tours.

Group hiking tours

Hiking is an always-practical group activity, as it needs not to be physically demanding and the group can walk on their own pace. There’s no rush to anywhere in the Nuuksio National Park, just the magnificent surroundings to be adored. After the hiking there’s the possibility to rent the Hawk Nest sauna for private occasions. Also group catering available!

Self-guided hiking

If you decide to embark on a self-guided hike in the National Park, we will provide you with maps of the National Park at the Hawk Nest. The forest trails are marked properly so you don't have to worry about getting lost. Just remember to wear comfortable walking boots and appropriate clothing for the sometimes whimsical and quickly-changing weather conditions in Finland.