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Natura Viva kayaking courses teach you the basics of kayaking!

Natura Viva offers a wide range of paddling courses in Helsinki. While most of the courses are run in Finnish, also English beginner courses are now open for the summer season 2023.

No previous paddling experience is required. A beginner's course is a great way to start a new hobby!

The courses teach basic paddling techniques and important skills related to paddling safety. Under the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable guides, participants can start a new hobby and develop their skills in advanced courses.

Sign up for a course and start your summer kayaking!

The basic paddling course follows the content recommendations of the Finnish Paddling and Rowing Federation and teaches basic paddling skills and safety issues. The Beginnersä course in kayaking provides you with the ability to continue independent training in a safe manner. Beginners' courses are available on weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday!