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Kivinokka Paddle point

The Kivinokka outdoor recreation area is located in the centre of Helsinki - and in its own peace and quiet. When you're looking for a kayak for rent in Helsinki, come to Kivinokka - you can take the metro.

Kivinokka is a promontory in the centre of Helsinki, west of Herttoniemi and north of Kulosaari. Covering an area of about two square kilometres, the open-air area is completely closed to traffic and, apart from a few buildings along the Kipparlahdens loop and the stately Kulosaari Manor, there are no settlements in the area.

Kivinokka is one of Helsinki's original summer cottage areas, and there are well over a hundred cottages on the peninsula, most of which are in summer use. The history of cottage villages dates back to the 19th century, when the working population of Helsinki began to regard Kivinokka as a recreational area. Kivinokka also has a large marina, and here you can watch and follow the traditional Helsinki sea life during the summer.

Just off the Itäväyläe on the Kivinokka side is the Herttoniemi Colonial Garden area, behind which the Kivinokka's many footpaths open up. Kulosaari Manor, a charming complex of houses built in the 19th century, is located at the foot of the peninsula next to the gardens. The manor is a popular venue for parties and weddings, especially in summer. To the south of Kivinokka is the Kalasatama area, where the REDI shopping centre also serves visitors to Kivinokka.

Rental equipment in Kivinokka

Natura Viva will has opened a paddle point in Kivinokka for the summer season 2022, which will be open to all Natura Viva season ticket holders. Kayaks and SUP-boards are available for rent at the equipment rental centre. The self-service kayak rental centre will have around 30 kayaks and SUP boats available.

Kivinokka is a perfect starting point for a kayaking trip, as the peninsula juts out deep into the Old Town Island, a large but very calm body of water. On the opposite side of the ridge is Lammassaari, and the shoreline of Herttoniemi is on the right as you start from Kivinokka. From the northern tip of Kivinokka, before Herttonieme, there is a narrow strait to the sheltered Saunalahti.

'When you paddle south from Kivinokka, you pass under Itäväylkä through Naurissalmi to Tullisaarenselkä. From here, the canoeing route is open to the Kruunuvuorenselkä, just outside Helsinki city centre, and you can reach places such as Vallisaari, Lonna and even Suomenlinna.

The kayaking routes of eastern Helsinki are also close by, as you head from Naurissalmi past Killingholm Island towards Tilliruukinlahti. From there, you can take the Laajasalo canal, for example, to the canoeing route around Laajasalo.

The Helsinki archipelago is an absolutely stunning and unique canoeing destination, and the Sea of Helsinki is truly at its most beautiful at Kivinokka.

Activities at Kivinokka

This peninsula is full of fascinating attractions: along the nature trails, you can hike to the northern tip of the peninsula to the bird tower and spot dozens of species of birds that live and nest on the peninsula. A walk in the woods will reveal numerous species of fungi - Kivinokka has a significant concentration of hobbit and orca species. On the western shore of the peninsula is Kivinokka beach, where you can bathe in the gentle summer sun of Helsinki and the warm waters of the Vanhankaupunginsel. Remember the sunscreen!

In the middle of the peninsula, near the Kivinokka nature trail, are the Kivinokka Coal Dunes, which were formed during the last Ice Age. For culture lovers, there are both attractions and plays. The Kivinokka summer theatre is open throughout the summer season, and at the tip of the peninsula is the founding plaque of Dallape, Finland's oldest still-active band. Dallape was founded in the Kivinokka area in the 1920s.

The summer cottages, whose history dates back to the 19th century, are also a reminder of the culture of yesteryear. Take a stroll through the huts, admire the colourful gardens and soak up the scent of beautiful flowers.

Excellent access to the Kivinokka

Kivinokka is located within walking distance of Helsinki's Stone Town. It is a couple of kilometres from Sörnäinen and the same distance from Hermann. Herttoniemi is also within walking distance. The metro line is north of Kivinokka, and the nearest metro station, Kulosaari, is right at the foot of the peninsula. If you arrive by car, the nearest parking spaces are near Kulosaari Manor.

When you're looking for rental equipment in the centre of Helsinki, you won't find a more central location than this. Book a kayak or SUP board at the Kivinokka paddling spot and head out for a wonderful summer day on the waves.

Natura Viva will also be organising corporate events and private tours at Kivinokka from summer 2022 onwards. Contact us and we will tailor together with you the most meaningful corporate recreation day events and activities in a central location in Helsinki.

Kivinokka Paddle Point is located at Kipparlahdensilmukka 9, 00810 Helsinki.

Kivnokka paddle point is located next to the Kivinokka marina. The road to Kulosaari Manor and the signposting will help you find your way there.