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Rent a Fatbike and discover Helsinki from a new perspective! Natura Viva offers Fatbikes for rent in Helsinki and in Espoo. Now Fatbikes in Teijo National Park as well!

The Fatbike, with its wider-than-normal tires and robust frame, is an ideal bike for all terrains and soils, for forest rides as well as for biking on asphalt. The bike can even be rode on ice and snow, thanks to the extra-wide tires. Our self-service Fatbike rentals operate around the year.

As for now we only rent Fatbikes for the Natura Viva season subscription card holders. Self-service Fatbike rentals in Helsinki at Vuosaari Paddling Center, in Espoo at Nuuksio Hawk Nest and Hotel Korpilampi, and in Teijo Nature Center.

All our Fatbikes are available in four different frame sizes and are equipped with multiple gears. All Fatbike rentals also include a helmet.

Fatbiking in Vuosaari, Helsinki

The Vuosaari district, the largest suburb in Helsinki by land area, is full of interesting nature sites: You can reach the numerous natural preserves of the district easily from The Paddling Center – just remember to ride on marked trails only as the natural preserves prohibit riding outside them. There’s also plenty of seashore to be rode and the urban centers of Vuosaari and Meri-Rastila to be discoverded – just simply a great surrounding for a casual bike ride. And did we mention, Vuosaari terrain is also pretty flat – no extra effort needed for even longer bike rides! 

Fatbiking in Nuuksio, Espoo

Fatbikes are very well suited for the diverse terrains in the Nuuksio district and in Nuuksio National Park. There are somewhat steep hills, uneven forest trails and also open grounds. The exquisite natural resort that is Nuuksio is the perfect location for a bike trip. The roundtrip of Nuuksio is some 35 kilometers, suitable for a day bike trip – and of course you can enjoy a coffee break in-between. The shorter tracks of 2-7 kilometers only take a small time and are easy to pedal.

Fatbiking in Korpilampi, Espoo

Hotel Korpilampi hosts the Natura Viva's self-service Fatbike rental depot. Korpilampi is a great outdoor destionation. The hills of the nearby Serena ski resort transform into an excellent Fatbike terrain with steep uphills and downhills. The forests near Korpilampi might actually be the most handsome ones in Helsinki metropolitan area.

Fatbiking in Teijo National Park

Teijo, located some 100 kilometers southwest from Helsinki, is a National Park and a Village, near the Baltic seashore on the Turku archipelago. Here the nature is diverse: you'll have forest trails, seashores, old country roads, pictoresque Villages, lakes and rivers. Fatbiking in Teijo offers this all!