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SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling and we at Natura Viva stand for SUP! Rent a SUP board in Helsinki, Espoo or Teijo and enjoy a nice day on the waves.

SUP, stand up paddling is a trendy summer hobby in Finland. As the concept suggest, one stands on a wide and long board and paddles on with a one-oar paddle. Very fun and easy to learn!

If you wish to do SUP as much as possible throughout the Finnish Summer season, we recommend a Natura Viva season subscription card. With the season subscription you have unlimited access to rental SUP boards. 

The rental duration for SUP boards in Helsinki start from 1 hour and also overnight rentals are available. All SUP board rentals also include paddle, leash ja personal floating device (pfd).

SUP in Helsinki, Espoo or Teijo

Stand Up Paddling in Espoo, Nuuksio National Park is a memorable event. As our Hawk Nest resort is located on the shore of Hawk Lake, a tranquil forest lake, stand up paddling on this calm water within the forests and steep rocks is really an experience like no other. The SUP boards are available in two sizes and they fit everyone’s statures. The rental duration for SUP boards in Nuuksio is 1-2 h. 

Stand Up Paddling in Helsinki: Rent a SUP board at the Paddling Center and explore the beauty of the Helsinki archipelago on top of your SUP board. The Iso Kallahti bay is a truly wide-scope surrounding for your SUP session - and the waterways to nearby islands are short. 

Try out SUP in Teijo National Park, where the calm lake Matildanjärvi awaits you. There's also a small island in the lake, which is a great SUP destination. Pack some food and coffee in your backpack and make a picnic on the island. 

On windy days we recommend stand up paddling in Nuuksio or in Teijo in the calm lake waters, as the Baltic Sea at Vuosaari, Helsinki, might be occasionally rough.