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Kallahdenniemi offers it all, from hiking to biking to swimming to exploring. Visit this Helsinki outdoor area, start the day at Vuosaari Paddling Center. 

The Kallahdenniemi peninsula, shorter called Kallahti peninsula, is a large cape on the eastern side of the Vuosaari Paddling Center. It is connected to Vuosaari mainland by the Kallahti ridge, an ice-age-shaped land formation and a nature reserve. When embarking on a kayak trip, this peninsula will be situated on the left-hand side for its length of 2,7 kilometers. 

Being an easily accessible district with numerous walkways and bike trails, Kallahti peninsula is a relaxing Helsinkian outdoor area to be visited. There’s a road, Kallvikintie, leading to the tip of the cape, where there’s a parking area. Beside the road there’s a pedestrian walkway and cycle path all the way.

Kallahdenniemi points of interest

On both sides of the road there are private residences and old summer villas, from which some date back to the turn of the 20th century. The Sofia Culture Centre and Hotel is located beside the Kallvikintie road.

There are two swimming beaches on the peninsula, the one located right beside the Vuosaari Paddling Center at the foot of the cape, and the other almost at the tip, beside the parking area. The furthernmost beach features an ice-cream stall and a nice sandy bottom. The beach is very shallow and contains underwater rocks, so it should be passed from a distance when paddling. There are changing rooms for women and men on both beaches.

Heading east from the parking area you will reach the Rantaniitty nature reserve and the eastern tip of the peninsula, the cape Kuningatar. Here you can still sense the old archipelago atmosphere, as there are two early 20th century wooden buildings still intact in the area. 

The nature on the peninsula is beautiful and archipelagic. The traces of the ice age can be seen all around, in forms of rock formations and narrow ridges. The whole peninsula actually got its shape no earlier than during the ice age, some 12 000 years ago. The forests here are of the typical Finnish boreal forest type, with an abundance of pine trees and birches. 

Kallahdenniemi as a recreational area

Kallahdenniemi peninsula is easily reachable either by bike of by foot from the Vuosaari Paddling Center. You can also go ashore on the cape Kuningatar with a kayak, a SUP board or a rowing boat. The distance to the tip from the Paddling Center is approximately 2,7 kilometers, by land or by water. Paddling around the cape or traveling through the foot of the peninsula you will reach the Aurinkolahti bay and the Aurinkolahti suburban district with cafeterias, restaurants and a beach.  

When biking, please stay on the marked trails and roads as it is prohibited to bike outside them on the nature reserves. It’s not allowed to go ashore with a kayak, a SUP board or a rowing boat on the swimming beaches. 

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