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One of the most beautiful nature spots in Helsinki, Meri-Rastila outdoor are is definitely one to be visited. Rent a bike from Natura Viva and start exploring!

When heading west from the Vuosaari Paddling Center, you will reach the Meri-Rastila outdoor area. This 50 hectares’ land reaches from the Vuosaari bridge to Kortlahti bay and includes also the Ramsinniemi peninsula nature reserve, to the south from the actual outdoor area.

Beyond the Rastila metro station, the closest to the Paddling Center, lies Rastila Camping, the only city-owned camping center within Helsinki. The Hotel Rantapuisto, located in the foot of the Ramsinniemi peninsula, features a restaurant. 

Meri-Rastila points of interest

The outdoor area comprises of a network of foot paths and bike trails. The coastline here is rocky and features several steep cliffs. The forest hosts many bird and bat species. 

To the south of the Vuosaari brigde lies an ancient rock formation, called ”Meri-Rastila beach rocks”. This formation, filled with 20–80 cm diameter rocks is approximately 7000 years old and got its shape after the ice age. 

To the south of Meri-Rastila lies the Ramsinniemi nature reserve. 

Meri-Rastila recreational area

There’s a two-and-a-half kilometer foot path circling the outdoor area. This path will be transformed into a skiing trail during the winter. All the paths within the area are well lit. The terrain here is uneven and poses a nice fitness challenge for bikers and hikers.

When heading off from the Vuosaari Paddling Center, the Meri-Rastila outdoor area is reached quickly. The distance from the Paddling Center to the tip of the Ramsinniemi peninsula as well as to the furthernmost point on the outdoor area is about 2,5 kilometres. This will be a great opportunity to hop on the saddle of a Natura Viva’s rental Fatbike all-terrain bike and explore this great nature spot in Helsinki.

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