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Located in the northern part of Vuosaari, Helsinki, this outdoor area has beautiful nature surroundings and high hills. Rent a Fatbike and explore!

Actually two nature spots beside each other, Mustavuori and Vuosaarenhuippu comprise the northern outdoor area within the Vuosaari district. 

Vuosaarenhuippu is an artificial nature formation, a large hill area created over a former waste disposal dump and a landfill site. The area was being included in the Helsinki city landscaping project in the late 1990s and was slowly transformed into the beautiful nature resort it is today: Vuosaarenhuippu is a diverse nature territory with many uncommon plant and animal species. It’s also a reservoir for rare plants, which are being relocated and planted there from other parts of the city. 

Beside Vuosaarenhuippu lies the Mustavuori forest district, partly a nature reserve with forest trails and many interesting nature sights. 

You will reach this district by heading north from the Vuosaari Paddling center, after a distance of about five kilometers. The way leads through the Vuosaari suburb and then towards Vuosaarenhuippu. 

Vuosaarenhuippu points of interest

The landscaping project was started in 2003, and nowadays there are an estimated 400 species of flora and fauna thriving in the area. The highest peak on the district is 65 meters and features a sightseeing platform. The view over Eastern Helsinki and the Vuosaari docks is amazing. You will reach the peak by foot or by bike via a trail from the northern side of the hill. 

There’s also a forest pond and a wild strawberry field on top of the peak. Future considerations include building a network of skiing and hiking trails on the area as well as grounds for horseriding.

Vuosaarenhuippu recreational area

A trip to Vuosaarenhuippu makes for good cardio. The trail leading to the top is steep and biking to the top requires effort. Find the trail on the northern side and face this challenge riding a Natura Viva’s Fatbike.

Mustavuori points of interest

To the north from Vuosaarenhuippu lies Mustavuori. This area is well known for its beautiful forests. There’s also Sveaborg, a first world war fortification partly still standing and open for public. See the cannon roads, wall constructions and trenches. 

Among the outdoor trails in the area you will pass the Hampurilaiskallio cliff, an upright and massive rock. There are also two big swamps within the woods. 

Mustavuori recreational area

The Mustavuori region features over seven kilometers of forest trails and walkways and is very well suitable for a day out in the woods. There is uneven terrain with many climbs and hills. The nature paths include various points of interest, marked beside the paths with signs.

Get your rental Fatbike from us and explore the area!