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Uutela is the easternmost part in Vuosaari – a beautiful nature resort in Helsinki. Paddle here with a kayak or ride a Fatbike – start your day at Natura Viva!

Located in southeast Vuosaari, Uutela peninsula is surrounded by the sea fro three sides. The nature sights are plentiful, and you can also visit the Villa Vuosanta mansion and the Meriharju house during your stroll in Uutela. 

Uutelanniemi points of interest

A largely uninhabited and unbuilt nature area, Uutela peninsula is one of the finest nature districts in Helsinki. Here you will encounter everything from beaches and cliffs to various forest types, pasture grounds and meadows. On the southern tip lies the Skatanniemi cape with a wonderful view over the Eastern Helsinki archipelago. 

Within Uutela there’s the Särkkäniemi nature reserve with lagoon-like bays, remnants from the ice age. The forests feature several large rocks and the shore areas completely flat cliffs.

Uutelanniemi recreational area

The recreational possibilities on Uutela peninsula are plentiful. There’s a four-kilometer nature trail circling around the peninsula. The trail also leads through the nature reserve. There are two campfire sites on the peninsula, located in Niemenapaja and Nuottaniemi bay – these sites are suitable for picnics.

Uutela peninsula is located behind Aurinkolahti bay, to the east from the Paddling Center. The walking or biking trip there is an experience itself, as the way leads through the sunny beaches of the area. The distance from the Paddling Center is approximately three kilometers. 

You will also be able to paddle to Uutela peninsula. Around the Kallahti peninsula the paddling distance will be around five kilometers. You can also enter the Uutela channel with a kayak, which is a very nice paddling route. 

Remember that biking on the Särkkäniemi nature reserve is not allowed. Stay otherwise also always on trails and roads when visiting Uutela – the nature of the resort is delicate and vulnerable to stomping and littering.

Rent your outdoor equipment for your trip to Uutela!