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Natura Viva’s Nuuksio Hawk Nest sauna, rental and Cafe Haukka is located in Nuuksio National Park, Espoo. Book a canoe or a Fatbike adventure. Also rental equipment available. 

What a splendid day for outdoor activities: come and visit Nuuksio Hawk Nest, Natura Viva’s new recreational center inside the borders of the Nuuksio National Park, a wide forest and lake area just a short hop away from the Helsinki metropolitan area. Nuuksio Hawk Nest is the optimal starting point for a fun day outdoors – open for customers every day from May to September and during the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) in the winter season.

Cafe Haukka and Hawk Nest rental opening hours 2024

May-June 4.5.-31.5.

Closed on weekdays

Sat 10 - 18

Sun 12 - 17

June, July and August 1.6.-25.8.

Weekdays 12 - 20

Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

August to September 26.8.-15.9.

Closed on weekdays

Sat 12 - 17*

Sun 12 - 17

*31 Aug. Night of the Lanterns event. Exceptional opening hours from 12-23.30. Join the 30th anniversary celebrations of Nuuksio at Haltia Nature Centre, see the kiln-fresh exhibition, bring your own lantern, join the lantern parade and let your light shine. More information on the event coming soon.

Guided canoe tours

Nuuksio Hawk Nest is located on the shore of Hawk Lake, a calm and sheltered forest lake. Participate on our Nuuksio Canoe and Hike Adventure canoe trips on Hawk Lake - this will be a paddling experience dearly remembered. Natura Viva minivan transport from downtown Helsinki and back is included in all bookings. This tour is available throughout the summer season.  

Guided Fatbike tours

The Nuuksio National Park forest features a network of marked trails and walkways – and of course there’s not a better and a faster way to conquer this dense network than to ride a Fatbike through the district – with our professional biking guides! The Nuuksio Fatbike Adventure will be conducted any day during the summer season for small groups, and all bookings include minivan transport from and back to downtown Helsinki. 

Guided Fatbike tours are also available at the Vuosaari Paddling Center, Helsinki.

Guided SUP tours

Stand up paddle boarding on Hawk Lake is a tranquil endeavor - the lake is surrounded by evergreen woods and steep cliffs, and strong gusts of wind are virtually unheard of. Here you will paddle in peace and enjoy the unscathed nature. Guided Nuuksio SUP adventure is being conducted for small groups during the summer season. All bookings include transports back and forth from downtown Helsinki. 

Guided hiking tours

We feature two easy-going and fit-for-everyone guided hiking tours in Nuuksio during the summer season: the longer Nuuksio Forest Lake Walk and the shorter Nuuksio Short Walk and Campfire. These adventures are worth recommending to all lovers of nature and outdoors. All bookings include transport back and forth from downtown Helsinki. During the winter season we explore the beauty of the Finnish Forest on out Nuuksio Winter Walk tour. This is a guaranteed tour operating several times per week during the season. 

Group events available

All the above mentioned tours can also be booked as private tours. Find out more on the aforementioned tours from the individual tour pages. For larger traveller groups or student groups we also offer a wide variety of activities, which can also be combined. Imagine first a small hike accompanied by a relaxing paddle session on the lake – very inviting indeed! Find out more on our group page. 

Rental equipment available

For self-guided paddling trips we offer canoes and SUP boards during our summer season.  All our canoes are equipped with an extra bench and can safely carry three adults or two adults and two children. For a lovely stroll around the Hawk Lake there are also rental rowing boats available. Hawk Lake shoreside features the Haukanholma camp site, which is the perfect location for a small in-between picnic. And of course you can also embark on a self-guided hike or Fatbike ride as the National Park trails and walkways are well-marked. Equipped with multiple gears, our Fatbikes are well suited for the sometimes hilly surroundings of the National Park. 

In the winter the best option is to rent snowshoes and explore the winter in the National Park. Self-service snowshoe rental is open every day during the snowy season.

Check out the rental gear at Vuosaari Paddling Center also. 

Overnight in Nuuksio

Nuuksio National Park is a great destination for self-guided camping trips. There are several tenting grounds (remember to place your tent on allowed tenting grounds only – please observe the markings). There are common campfire sites, grill huts and public saunas also available inside the National Park. From 2019 Natura Viva offers two authentic forest lodges for rent. The forest lodges Oravankolo and Tikankolo are very popular so book early. 

Enjoy a coffee

The idyllic Cafe Silva, situated at Hawk Nest, offers delicious coffee & tea, cold drinks, small snacks, ice cream and pre-packed foods to go. The outdoor cafe area is located directly on the lake shore – a unique setting to enjoy your beverage. Cafe Silva is the only cafeteria inside the boundaries of the Nuuksio Natural Park.

Book a private sauna

Nuuksio Hawk Nest also features an authentic woodfire-heated sauna, which can be rented by groups for private use. The wooden platform on the porch leads straight to the lake – you might want to take a refreshing dip in the water within the sauna session. This is as traditional a sauna experience as it gets! You can book the Hawk Nest sauna here. To make the most out of your sauna experience in Finland, we also have a private sauna experience available including transportation from the city center of Helsinki and a traditional Finnish sauna dinner menu.

Nuuksio National Park as a destination

This 150 hectares’ forest and lake area is definitely worth a day trip or an overnight stay: close to the urban centers of Helsinki and neighboring Espoo, yet completely quiet and peaceful, a truly unique nature resort beside the sprawling Helsinki metropolitan area. There’s a wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna to be explored in the National Park: fascinating trees and plants, some common animals (foxes and moose can occasionally be spotted on the daytime) and some more uncommon (the endangered Siberian flying squirrel populates the Natural Park but remains largely out of sight during the day), edible mushrooms and berries of various sorts. The Finnish forest is a worthy district to be visited and Nuuksio Hawk Nest is the best place to begin this discovery!

Transport connections to the Nuuksio Hawk Nest

The Nuuksio Hawk Nest is located in Espoo, address Haukkalammentie 32, FI-02820 Espoo. Natura Viva offers minivan connections to the Nuuksio Hawk Nest from downtown Helsinki. The National Park can also be reached by public transportation:  Take the VR suburban train Y, X, U, L, E or A from Helsinki central train station to Leppävaara train Station. From there take the HSL public bus 238 towards Siikaniemi, destination stop Kolmoislammentie (walking distance approx. 2 km). You can also use the HSL journey planner to check the best suitable public transportation timetables and routes.

When arriving with a car, there’s a public parking area in the vicinity of Hawk Nest.

Hawk Nest has restrooms for women and men. Free Wifi for all customers.  

Hawke Nest and Cafe Silva, Haukkalammentie 32 Espoo.