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Oravankolo is an original summer hut, located inside the Nuuksio National Park. Built in 1946, it offers an authentic forest accommodation! Book now!

Natura Viva offers two authentic forest lodges for rent, the Oravankolo and the Tikankolo cabins. These settlements are built in the 1940s and they transpire the lifestyle of the past generations. The cabins can accommodate six persons, and both cabins contain a wood-heated sauna. Book your forest cabin now!

Oravankolo was built in 1946 as a summer hut for city dwellers looking for nature’s peace. And even today this wonderful cabin serves the same purpose. Oravankolo is located on the shore of lake Ruuhilampi and can be reached via hiking and bike trails.


Oravankolo can be booked all year round. The cabin can accommodate 6 persons comfortably on two-story beds.


Oravankolo is an authentic forest lodge. The premises include the actual hut and a separate sauna building. There are also a woodshed, a storage room and a dry outhouse toilet on the premises.


Oravankolo is located on the shore of lake Ruuhilampi in the Western part of the Nuuksio National Park, in Vihti county. The nearest parking grounds are 4 kilometers away and the remainder of the way will be traveled by foot or by bike. Natura Viva’s Hawk Nest resorts lies some 5 km away and the nearest restaurant at The Haltia Finnish Nature Center some 10 km away.

Oravankolo 360

Use the links below to have a look what it looks like inside the cottage and the sauna!  


This is an authentic forest lodge with no running water or electricity. Visitors should bring drinking water with them. 

Remember to take with You: candles, toilet paper, sleeping bag, flashlight, matches.


* Check-in from 13H, Check-out latest at 11H.

* Keys will be placed in a safe, located at the lodge. The PIN code for the safe will be delivered before the reservation start and will function throughout the reservation.

* The lodger is responsible for the cleaning of the cabin as well as the other premises. The next customer should have a pleasant arrival on the fresh and clean cabin!

* Oravankolo adheres to trashless camping policies. More info here: http://www.nationalparks.fi/en/hikinginfinland/rightsandregulations/litter/howtomakesureyouleavenotrace.

* This means: Place the biowaste into the dry toilet. Burn the burnable trash in the cabin stove or the sauna fireplace. Don’t leave any trash behind – what You can’t compost or burn take with You. Don’t leave any foodstuffs behind. 

* Make sure to read through the terms and conditions regarding all pets at the cabin.

* Pet dogs: while placing your reservation, state the size and breed of your dog. Make sure to remove all dog hair from the beds, carpets etc. Remove all dog litter from the premises and bury them in the forest. 

* The person making the reservation is in full responsibility for the cabin ad the premises, also on behalf of other people staying at the cabin. Make sure to read through the terms and conditions regarding the rental. 

P.S. In case you can’t reserve the Oravankolo cabin for your desired time frame, make sure to check out our other cabin, the Tikankolo, as well. 

Have a great stay!