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Kalliosaari is a great paddling destination in the Helsinki archipelago! Kalliosaari offers plenty of peace and quiet. Paddle there from Vuosaari Paddling Center!

Kalliosaari island is located to the east from Kallahdenniemi cape. This paddling route doesn’t cross any boat lines. The beginning of the route follows the Short Hop route: you’ll paddle beside the Kallahdenniemi peninsula until Kallahdenniemi beach. Just continue straight past the beach but leave enough clearance and pay attention as the water is shallow and there are visible rocks as well as underwater rocks.  

After you’ve reached the end of the peninsula head towards the small Prinsessa reef and Voirasia island. Ahead of you lies the majestic Kalliosaari island and to the north Läntinen Neitsytsaari island. Both islands are nice recreational sites worth visiting.  

The best spot to go ashore on Kalliosaari is a sheltered bay on the south shore. Another landing spot will be found on the eastern shore.

Paddling route info

Length: 8 km

Approximate duration: 2–3 h