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The Short Route is a easy, suitable-for-all paddling route. Visit the Vuosaari Paddling Center and embark on this lovely paddling journey in Helsinki. 

First you’ll cruise along the Kallahdenniemi bay towards southeast, past the Sofia Culture Center, until you reach the Kallahdenniemi beach. As the water is shallow here, you will be best off turning south and heading towards the Ahvensaari island.

After Ahvensaari you’ll paddle past Iso Iiluoto island towards Satamasaari island. This island is easily recognizable by its ca. 100 small summer huts. The neighboring Pikku Satamasaari island hosts another seven of these huts. 

From Satamasaari you will head towards the western tip of Malkasaari island – this resort is also a nice spot for a small break or a picnic. There are a few sandy beaches on the northern shore, which are suitable for beaching. 

After Malkasaari you’ll turn your kayak back towards the Sofia Culture Center and make a final turn to north back towards the Paddling Center beside the Onkiluoto island. In this way you’ll avoid all the nearby boat lanes. However, be aware of boats around you as there’s a fair amount of traffic even outside the boat lanes. 

The Short Route can as well be paddled counter-wise.

Paddling route info

Length: 6 km

Approximate duration: 1,5–2 h