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Paddle or row your way to this nature spot in the Nuuksio National Park. Enjoy a break and sense the vibe of the forest. Rent a water vessel at Hawk Nest. 

The Haukanholma campfire site is located approximately a kilometer away from the Hawk Nest. You can either hike to the campfire site through the forest, following the western shores of Hawk Lake, or paddle or row to the site across Hawk Lake. The campfire site is easily reachable from the Hawk Nest rental center by canoe, by SUP board or by rowing boat. There’s a landing spot beside the campfire site for small water vessels. 

The site itself is a picturesque spot. Across, on the other side of the Hawk Lake huge cliffs rise from the water, making for a fantastic view. The campfire site is equipped with a fireplace and a cooking site. 

There are also free-of-charge camping grounds by the site. 

Metsähallitus takes care of the campfire sights in Nuuksio National park and they make sure that the sights have firewood ready for use. It is a good idea to pack a knife and proper equipment to make fire with you.