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Urja Campfire Site

The Urja campfire site is situated on the lake Urjajärvi lakeshore. Sit on the camp by the lake and enjoy the beautiful nature near Helsinki.

Lake Urjajärvi is a deep forest lake, surrounded by rocky shores and thick forests. This beautiful nature site is located some 6 kilometers east from Hawk Nest, Natura Viva’s Nuuksio depot. The trek here leads along the Haukkalampi-Haltia connection trail, and the last bit of the journey will be walked on unmarked pathways. Bring your compass, a map and some adventurous spirit with you. 

Lake Urjajärvi is an oblong body of water, over 60 meters deep at its deepest, and by far one of the most beautiful lakes in the Nuuksio national park. The campfire site is located on the lakeshore in southern tip of the lake – sit at the camp by the lake and enjoy the pristine nature, just a hop away from Helsinki metropolitan area. There’s a camping area in connection to the campfire site, which makes Urja a great destination for an overnight hiking trip. 

Metsähallitus takes care of the campfire sights in Nuuksio National park and they make sure that the sights have firewood ready for use. It is a good idea to pack a knife and proper equipment to make fire with you.