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Paddle to Kalliosaari, one of the eight recreational islands on Eastern Helsinki archipelago. Rent a kayak from Natura Viva and embark on an island adventure.

The Kalliosaari island, literally translated ”Cliff Island”, is a rocky and rugged island, located southeast from the Vuosaari Paddling Center, some three kilometers out to the sea. This 4,2 hectares’ outdoor destination is a majestic sight when approaching the island by kayak.

The island is being maintained by a local recreational association. The cliffs on the northern shore reach 20 meters and the view over the archipelago is breath-taking. On the eastern shore the cliffs are lower, and you will also find a beautiful beach there, perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

The nature on Kalliosaari is delicate. The vegetation is mostly bushy and low, and the soil features mosses, small flowerless plants, and lichen, an organic combination of algae and fungi. Stepping on the vegetation has a deteriorating effect, so walk on paths whenever possible. Please make sure you take all litter with you. On the southern side of the island lies the Kallioluoto islet, a protected nesting ground for birds.   

The paddling route towards Kalliosaari is very interesting. First you will follow the Kallahdenniemi peninsula to its very tip, passing the Kallahdenniemi beach from a distance, as the water there is very shallow and rocky. After turning east the tip of the peninsula the island will be located just in front with its distinctive rocky shape. Reaching this island makes for a great kayak adventure.

Kalliosaari info and services

* Services: multiple covered bbq spots, two outhouses, beach suitable for swimming, mooring rings

* Paddling distance from Vuosaaari Paddling Center: 3 km