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Located just outside the Vuosaari Paddling Center, Malkasaari is the perfect paddling destination in the Eastern Helsinki archipelago. Have a relaxing day trip!

Malkasaari island is located just off the Vuosaari Paddling Center in the Iso Kallahti bay, about one kilometer from the shore. This recreational islands can be reached after only a short paddle and therefore presents a great day trip destination for kayakers and SUP paddlers. Easily reachable by rowing boat, Malkasaari makes for a great picnic destination for small groups as well. 

The island features various services for visitors. There’s a covered outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and a charcoal grill, a recycling spot and an outhouse. Overnight camping on the island is allowed.

Malkasaari also features a bookable sauna – the bookings are being managed by Rastila Camping. In the past there have been a few buildings on Malkasaari, but only the sauna and a house on the northside of the island remain. The house is not open to public. You will be able to observe the foundations of other structures on the island.

The easiest and closest spot to go ashore is found on the northern side of Malkasaari. On the island you will encounter numerous picnic spots and small beaches, perfect for sunbathing or even a dip in the Baltic Sea. A nice way to enjoy the island nature is a small walk around the island and its small forest. 

Malkasaari info & services

* Services: covered bbq stall, litter recycling, outhouse, boat docks

* Paddling distance from Vuosaari Paddling Center: 1 km