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A paddling excursion to Pihlajaluoto island is an adventure. Experience the beauty of the Eastern Helsinki archipelago. Visit Natura Viva and rent a kayak.

The Pihlajaluoto island is with the neighboring Hattusaari island one of the most remote islands on the Eastern Helsinki archipelago. It is situated on the open sea threshold, some five kilometers southeast from the Vuosaari Paddling Center. 

The view on the open Baltic Sea is of course tremendous, and the vibe on the island can be described as nautical. The old main building on the island is from the 1930s. Parts of the island have been rented out to private tenants, however a large public nature area remains.

Going ashore on Pihlajaluoto is allowed from the center-point shore towards the eastern tip of the island. There are suitable tenting grounds all over the island, the vegetation is low and bushy with a forest-like tree formation in the middle of land. The cliffs invite all sunbathers.

The paddling route to Pihlajaluoto follows the same path as the Hattusaari route. Read more about the paddling route. This paddling excursion will be memorable for sure!

Pihlajaluoto info and services

* Services: open bbq stall, wood shed, outhouse, mooring rings 

* Paddling distance from Vuosaari Paddling Center: 5 km