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Great outdoor and culture destination on the Helsinki archipelago. Paddle to Vartiosaari with Natura Viva’s rental kayak or book a guided kayak tour.

Vartiosaari island is one of the biggest islands on the Eastern Helsinki archipelago, with an area of one square kilometer. It is situated to the west from Vuosaari Paddling Center, between the suburban districts of Laajasalo and Tammisalo. Even though there are still some permanent residents on the island, there are no bridges leading to Vartiosaari. The only way to visit this unique destination is by boat or kayak. And the trip is definitely worth it: Vartiosaari boasts a distinctive island vibe and still retains some aspects of the traditional archipelago lifestyle and culture.

There are numerous buildings and villas on the island, some of which are open for public. The domestic animal stall attracts a lot visitors year around. The whole island is a public outdoor area, except for some privately owned land properties. There’s a pathway leading around the island with many interesting spots. The Viikinkikallio cliff presents a beautiful view over the Eastern Helsinki archipelago. 

The nature on Vartiosaari is diverse: there are thick forests, foraging grounds, meadows as well as cliffs and rock formations. The islands hosts multiple bird species, bat species and small ground mammals. 

The paddling route towards Vartiosaari is an easy and relaxing one. On calm weather the island is also reachable by SUP board. The route follows the Ramsinniemi peninsula until its tip, and after a narrow boat lane crossing, Vartiosaari lies straight ahead.

Natura Viva offers guided kayak tours to Vartiosaari during the summer months.

Vartiosaari info and services

* Services: Main pier on the Reposalmi strait, cafeteria, swimming beaches, picnic ground, barbecue spots & fireplaces 

* Paddling distance from Vuosaari Paddling Center: 3,5 km