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Visit the island formation of Villaluodot & Kotiluoto: rent a kayak from Natura Viva. Paddling is a nice outdoor activity – experience the Helsinki archipelago!

This fascinating paddling destination is comprised of three small islets, the Villaluodot, and a bigger main island, Kotiluoto. The island formation is located southwest off the Vuosaari Paddling Center shore, about two and a half kilometers out on the sea. The islets have been named after their locations: Pohjoinen Villaluoto lies northermost, Itäinen Villaluoto to the east and Läntinen Villaluoto to the west of the bigger main island, Kotiluoto.

Kotiluoto features a 1920s built villa, nowadays in deteriorating condition. The building is protected under Finnish law, and from a cultural perspective, the premises are definitely worth visiting. There’s also an open bbq spot and a well as well as an outhouse on the island. Camping on this island, or on Läntinen Villaluoto islet, is not allowed. For campers, the camping spots can be found on Pohjoinen and Itäinen Villaluoto.  

This island formation is a great paddling destination. The safest and easiest paddling route will be past the Ramsinniemi peninsula and Vartiosaari island. Cross the busy boat lane at the strait between Ramsinniemi and Vartiosaari, paddle along the Vartiosaari shoreline before turning south towards Läntinen Villaluoto. On windy weather the more sheltered route will lead via Paloluoto islet. 

Villaluodot and Kotiluoto are among the most beautiful destinations in the Helsinki archipelago, and the traditional island life feel is definitely still present there. 

Villaluodot & Kotiluoto info & services

* Services: 

On Kotiluoto: bookable sauna, swimming pier, open bbq spot, well, outhouse, mooring rings

On Pohjoinen Villaluoto and Itäinen Villaluoto: covered bbq spots, outhouses 

* Camping allowed on Itäinen Villaluoto and Pohjoinen Villaluoto

* Paddling distance from Vuosaari Paddling Center: 2,5 km