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Rent a kota, a traditional forest hut, at lake Matildanjärvi
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Rent a traditional kota, a Finnish forest hut, for your excursion to lake Matildanjärvi. Visit Natura Viva in Teijo and find out more.

This hut sits on a beautiful lakeside spot at lake Matildanjärvi. As a new feature we have renovated the kota interior so, that it can now accommodate six persons on wide wooden benches, which are also suitable for sleeping – just bring your own tent mattress and a sleeping bag. This transforms the kota into a great home base for your fishing trip or a holiday weekend in the middle of the nicest Finnish nature. The rental kota, which stands on the northern lakeshore, makes for a perfect hub for your stay in Teijo. 

There's a lot to be explored at lake Matildanjärvi, the most beautiful forest lake in Teijo National Park. You can hike around the lake along a hiking trail, or rent a kayak, a sup board or a rowing boat from Teijo Nature Center and head on the lake for a paddling excursion. Lake Matildanjärvi is also a famous fishing destination, known for its abundance of impleneted rainbow trout.


The kota is located in Teijo National Park, on the Northern Matildanjärvi lakeshore. The nearest parking area is Mikkossuo, 700 meters from the kota. Teijo Nature Center, Natura Viva's hub in Teijo with a cafeteria and a rental shop, is located 2,3 kilometres from the kota along the Matildanjärven kierros hiking trail. 

One nice way to approach the kota is to rent a kayak, a sup board or a rowing boat from Teijo Nature Center and paddle across the lake towards the kota. This makes for a perfect outdoor excursion. After the paddling you can enjoy snacks and coffee in the warmth of the kota.

Please see Teijo rental kota on the map!

Additional group services

You can rent the kota for your travel group or for instance for your workplace staff. When renting the kota for your group, Natura Viva will gladly organise attached outdoor activities for your group. So you can use the kota as a hub for your activities. How does for instance a traditional Finnish dinner at the kota, cooked by a professional chef sound like? Delicious, that's right!

Contact Natura Viva for group inquiries. We will gladly hear your ideas and assist you with all group activities.

E-mail: info@naturaviva.fi 
Tel.: +358 10 292 4030


The kota has a wooden floor, and benches with lambswool cushions circle around the inside hut. There's no running water or electricity in the premises. When visiting the kota, please bring cooking utensils and cutlery with you, and remember to bring candles as well. If you spend the night, remember to bring tent mattresses and sleeping bags.

There's an outhouse and a woodshed on the kota yard. 

Bring always with you: Candles, toilet paper, a flashlight, matches or a lighter, drinking water, tent mattresses, sleeping bags.

Nearest grocery store, the "Teijon kyläkauppa" is located in Teijo Village. Address: Teijontie 67, FI-25570 Salo.

Kota bookings and usage

Reservations throughout Natura Viva's webpage. For all inquiries send us an e-mail: info@naturaviva.fi

The person making the reservation will be sent a personal pin code to the smart key box at the kota before the start of the reservation.

Cleaning and waste management

The person making the reservation will be responsible for the cleanliness of the rental premises as well as the courtyard and the attached services. The kota must be cleaned in such a manner, that the next persons arriving will have a pleasant arrival at the kota.

The kota visitors must adhere to the principles of waste-free camping. This means compostable waste can be disposed of in the outhouse compost, burnable waste can be burnt at the kota fireplace. Do not leave any burnable waste or any foodstuffs behind for the next visitors. All other waste must be carried away, when leaving the kota, and disposed of in the waste & recycle point at Teijo Nature Center. 


Dogs are allowed to come to Teijo National Park, but when outside, dogs must always be kept on a leash. All dog litter from the courtyard must be cleaned and taken to the forest or the outhouse compost to decompose.

Terms and conditions

The person making the reservation is fully responsible for the kota, the yard, the premises, and also for all persons visiting the kota. Please check the rental terms and conditions and the cabin rules before making your reservation.

Bookings and inquiries: e-mail: info@naturaviva.fi; Tel. +358 10 292 4030.